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Welcome to the recipe index of my site, but if your more of a picture person, check out the recipe overview here.


No egg corn muffins
Shrimp cocktail · Hellmanns inspired
Classic 5 napkin burger · melted gruyere cheese, caramalised onions and some rosemary mayo
Cole Slaw  · Culinessa style
Chipotle burger ⋅ A burger served with avocado, smokey bacon and chipotle ketchup.
Kale Caesar Salad ⋅ The classic, with a superfood twist
Shrimp cocktail ⋅ A classic, but then amuse style

Chicken Pies  · from Donna Hay for the Foodblogswap
Baked sausage  · Bill Granger style

5 spices chicken wings · Ken Hom Style

5 spices tiger shrimps Salt n pepper squid
Potstickers · Foodblogswap
White Fried Rice · Yeung Chow Chao Fan
Coca Cola Wings⋅ Sticky gooey coca cola wings
Pork Belly Buns · Crispy Pork belly served in a nice warm soft Bao Bun.

Chinese white  chicken ⋅ chicken slowly poached in broth and served with a nice dipping soy sauce
Crispy Chinese parcels ⋅ the perfect party snack filled with shrimp and corn
Asian Pork Chops ⋅ Pork chops marinated in oyster sauce and ginger
Chinese ground beef with long beans ⋅ Stir fried with ginger and oyster sauce
Festive cola meatballs ⋅ meatballs cooked in a coca cola marinade
Chinese steamed fish ⋅ Classic Cantonese recipe with ginger and spring onions

Nutty banana yoghurt breakfast 

Boeuf Bourguignon · Inspired by Anthony Bourdain
Cheese Sables · Learned from Rachel Khoo

Caramalized garlic tart · Mr Ottolenghi
Green pancakes · Mr Ottolenghi
Easy Tuna gratin 
Winter salad
Simple pasta with creamy spinach
Easy cous cous
Sweet potato fries
Spicy tuna madness  · a tuna salad with and oriental twist
Rainbow salad · Food Revolution 2014
Feta snacks
Spicy shrimp salad · KU kitchen inspired
Refreshing watermelon salad · made with feta and mint

Fried Funchi · a Curacao classic  but also known als polenta
Tomato Marmelade  · a perfect match with the fried funchi
Cucumber Egg Salad snacks  ⋅ a little snack made with an Asian twist
Boerenkool stamppot with an Indonesian meat ball ⋅ Kale Hash served with a nice big meatball and gravy
Fair party with 4 dips  ⋅ Ricotta Mushroom, beet root hummus, Olive oil and tomatoes
Friday fun platter ⋅ A meat and cheese platter you can vary on endless
Healthy spinach salad ⋅ A party on your plate with this spinach and pomegranate salad
Oven roasted chicken thighs ⋅ made with a nice herb butter
Matcha Granola ⋅ Granola with matcha powder and cranberries
Skinny omelette ⋅ Skinny omelette made with egg whites, tomatoes and spinach
Spicy Burger ⋅ A beef burger served with spicy mayonaise and spring onions
Asian Noodle soup ⋅ Simple broth served with beef balls
Scrambled eggs with a twist ⋅
Vietnamese Burger ⋅ The best of east meats west

Tahu Taotjo · Fried tofu in a bean sauce
Chicken Satay with a cucumber salad · Indonesian style chicken satay

Marinated scallops · 

Ragu Bolognese · Culinessa’s tomato sauce for pastas
Easy tomato pasta 
Quattro formaggi pasta al forno · 4 cheeses pasta baked in the oven
Risotto Amarone · a nice color popping change to the classic risotto
Tagliata di Manzo · an Italian classic grilled meat dish
Italian pasta salad ⋅ a tuna pasta salad served with mozarella, green olives, pine nuts and much more.
Rucola Pesto · Arugula Pesto made with parmesan and pine nuts
Lemon Ricotta Ravioli ⋅ An Italian classic with sage butter
Pasta sauce with fennel and sausages

Soba Noodles · perfect for hot weather

Sushi Bowl · my answer to no sushi rolling
Crispy fried rice · TokoTos style
Tuna Tataki · Tuna seared Japanese style

Larb · minced meat salad

Moksi Alesi · my grandmothers style

Shrimp Omelette · the way my dad thought me to make it
Boiled peanuts · Javanese style
Crab spread · Surinamese style spicy sweet, sour, salt and a hint tomato 

Green Curry Chicken with sweet basil · Gaeng Kiaw Wan Gai

Thai Morning glory and chicken in a coconut red curry sauce
Basil Chicken · Foodblogswap
Fish cakes · Thot man pla 
Crispy fried fish in a sweet, sour and salty sauce · Pla Sam Rod
Stir fried water spinach · Kangkung
Thai beef salad ⋅ A grilled beef salad topped with a spicy sweet n sour dressing.
Thailicious Pumpkin soup ⋅ A Thai style pumpkin soup, made with coconut milk. 

Spicy tomato crab soup · Bun rieu

Fresh rolls · Goi Cuon 
Duck salad · Goi Vit 
Beef noodle soup · Pho Bo
BBQd pork  · Thit Nuong
Sticky rice with dried shrimp and pork sausage · xoi lap xuong
Lee’s Vietnamese salad · From the cookbook [H]eerlijk! by Gwyneth Paltrow
Bun Cha Gio · Quick Vietnamese springrolls salad
Vietnamese Fried Chicken ⋅ Canh Gha Chien is fried chicken with a sticky caramel sauce
BBQ Spareribs ⋅ Ribs marinated in a hoisin honey marinade.
Vietnamese Cauliflower salad ⋅ Roasted cauliflower with a light sweet and sour dressing
Nuoc Mam dressing ⋅ Classic Vietnamese dressing for a lot of dishes

Spicy Corn · Spicy corn grilled Mexican style

Colorful holiday chocolate · white chocolate combined with pistache and cranberries
Maizena cookies · a Surinamese classic
Valetines Sago Dessert · Tapioca pearls with coconut
Pretzel Bites · Pretzel bites served with cinnamon sugar
Sprinkled Grissini · a perfect snack for bdays
Bacon Chocolate sensation · two worlds matching
Muah Chee · Glutinous rice
Frozen banana chocolate · Sprinkled with your fave topping
Coconut Popsicle
Pineapple yoghurt with mango and pistachios
Dutch Poffertjes Culinessa style ⋅ Poffertjes with an asian twist made with coconut and pandan
Raspberry Tartelettes ⋅ During a workshop at Petit Gateau we made these
Quick Brioche ⋅ From the cookbook Tarte Tatin 
Fruit tart with frangipane ⋅ Plum tart with I made at the ETNA workshop
Thai Mango sticky ⋅ Classic Thai dessert with coconut, rice and mango
Poached pears ⋅ A Dutch classic, this time kids friendly
Amarula chocolate brownies ⋅ Sticky gooey chocolate brownies made with Amarula
Peppernuts Tiramisu ⋅ A classic with a twist using pepper nuts.
Eton Mess ⋅ A British classic with a festive twist
Carrot cake ⋅ An American favorite with a Hellmanns twist
Nutella pops  ⋅ Friandise with nutella and goji berries and sunflower seeds
Banana Bread ⋅ Its not cake, its not bread, but is sure is tasty this banana bread.
Chocolate Oatmeal cookies
Apple Crumble ⋅ Apple Crumble made with oatmeal
Cinnabons ⋅ Classic American Cinnabons with frosting

Pink Fizz ice tea · gets you through hot days
Flavored water · perfect for summer
Ice cold mint green tea · &Samhoud Places inspired
Tamarind syrup · my grandmothers recipe
Belvedere Vodka lemon tea · 4 recipes made with Belvedere Vodka
Awa di Lamunchi · a Curacao classic made with limes
Vietnamese Iced coffee · a refreshing coffee drink made with sweet condensed milk
Lemonade · Lemonade made with a Arabic twist
Mango Lassi ⋅Smoothie like drink from India