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I am not a size zero,  nor a food guru
But just like you: I love good food!
Oh wait, No!
I am obsessed with eating good food
So why not share that culinary passion with you <3

In case you didn’t notice, I am extremely passionate about food, making food and better yet enjoying good food. After working for the big old G, it was time to spread my wings and be more creative. This blog gives me that and a lot more. In this blogpost I share with you a little bit more as to why I started this blog. Still want to know more? Check out my Welcome 2 Culinessa post.

To me food needs to get as close as I can get it to be authentic. That means that the dish tastes like it would when having it in the country of origin. To me authentic means I got it from a native or someone who is an expert at this cuisine or because its been in my family like that for ages. Not to worry, I will let you know in a blogpost weather its authentic or not.

I started writing this blog in English, but slowly also offering a lot of content in Dutch. Bear with me, I am only human.

New to my blog? These are some of my favorite (and most viewed) posts:
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Using my content 
Don’t forget that all content is produced (styled and photographed) by me unless stated differently. I put a lot of love and passion in to creating qualitative content. If you want to use recipes or pictures, please contact me and don’t use anything without my permission. We will sort it out together. Oh and please do not post original recipes elsewhere, Google doesn’t like duplicate content.

Feedback always appreciated
If you have an idea, a comment or a tip to improve this site, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I will try to answer you asap.  

Social Lovin
You can also follow me on Instagram [@culinessa] for some everyday culinary inspiration or like my FB page to stay up to date on whats happening here. 

If you are a brand or company and interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact me. I love to write and photograph, but I also don’t mind testing products or do a give away. I am very keen on helping out as I’ve worked within Online Marketing for over 8 years. Need something specific? Feel free to email me on or send me a message here!

Some examples of collabs
Albert Heijn
– AHsalade4daagse – Picture here
Albert Heijn
– AH Meesterslager recipe for a Patrijs. Blogpost here
Hellmanns burger cookbook I developed a recipe for the Hellmans burger book.
I developed a number of recipes which were filmed. An example can be found here.
Lee Kum Kee – I developed a 3 course Chinese christmas dinner with a modern twist. Blogpost can be found here.
I participated in the #Kook5daagse. Link here

Neighbourfoodmarket – Workshop foodphotography with a mobile phone
Tori Oso – Workshop on passion for blogging

Delicious Nederland
– mini interview on my Asian favorites
Elle Eten
– Favoriete foodblogs in Nederland
FeedFeed – Smoothies feed 

Metro komt bij je thuis – Interview in the National newspaper
EatSleepDress Interview on being a burger fan.
Monday meets Interview. –
the yummiest foodie Instagram pics of the weekend

Curious to know; this is me. 

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