I always go to one shop when it comes to Thai food and Thai products: The Thai Shop in Amsterdam. There you can buy, without a doubt, the best curries ever. Like they should really taste: rich, deep and spicy flavors. The first Thai dishes, I also learned from them. So this time going in, I wanted to learn to cook something different.

I went for the vegetable Morning Glory and asked the lady behind the counter to give me some tips on how to cook it. She advised red curry and chicken and to top it off, also use Horapa (Thai Sweet Basil). This dish is so special, its one of a kind. The morning glory gives it such a specific flavor, I loved it. Oh and one thing, I am talking about Thai Morning Glory, not the Chinese one.

Thai Morning Glory with Red curry and Chicken

200 gr Thai Morning glory (1 pack)

3 tsp of Red curry paste
250 gr Chicken Thigh filet
1 Pack of Coconut Milk Aroy D, 250 ml
8 tsp of Fish sauce for seasoning
15 gr Thai palm sugar
Thai Sweet Basil

Start by washing your vegetables and set aside and drain.

When drained, cut them into about 5 cm length pieces.
Cut up your chicken in to smaller pieces and set aside.
In a wok,  heat a little bit of oil and add in the red curry paste. Fry until fragrant and add in some of the coconut cream from the package.
Now add in your chicken and stir fry until all sides of the chicken are coated with coco curry paste.
Its time to add in the Morning glory and the rest of the coconut milk.
Start by seasoning your sauce with some fish sauce, and add a little bit every time. You don’t want your dish to become to salty.
Next you add in the palm sugar and stir well. The Thai palm sugar needs some time to dissolve.
When all of the sugar has dissolved and the dish has a nice balance in flavors, it is done.
Last but not least add in your Thai sweet basil.

Serve with some hot rice!

Screen Shot 2019 03 25 at 13.46.51 2 - Thai Morning Glory with Red Curry Chicken

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