Soba noodles // It was one of the first days that it was really sunny and I felt like having a refreshing meal. Not too complicated, but good nevertheless. I went to the Oriental shop and bought a pack of Soba noodles amongst other things. I came home and decided I would be making these for dinner.
Being me, I started to Google..looked up a few pictures, went to Instagram and saw even more inspiration and then I just did it. I made SOBA for dinner and I thought it was Yummie. The BF missed some meat  or fish, so next time I’ll give in to that and give him a more complete meal. At least thats what he thought. I loved them, plain, simple but delish; so thought I would share the recipe with you guys.

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Recipe for the Soba noodles


1 pack of Soba noodles
Wasabi paste
2.5 cm Ginger – grated
Kikkoman soy sauce
Toasted sesame seeds
3 Spring onions – sliced
1/2 sheet of Finely cut up Nori – crispy seaweed

Cook the Soba according to the package. Check to see if they are done and be sure to rinse them under cold water. This will assure your soba will not stick once cooled off.
To make the dipping sauce, take a bowl and add in some soy sauce. Now start adding the grated ginger and if desired add a little bit of hot water too make the sauce less salty.
In small bowls, add your wasabi paste, sesame seeds, soy sauce and spring onions.
Mix in some wasabi with the soy sauce (add to your liking).
Take a bowl and add in some soba. Top with some Nori sprinkles and spring onions.
Dip your soba in the soy sauce and eat away! Actually S L U R P away 😉
Oh be careful not to dip your soba completely, you do want to taste the soba and not just the sauce.

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