So this is my 3d time cooking from another foodblog and thus participating in the foodblogswap. Elize from Eat Cook Love was cooking from my blog and made my Sweet potato fries and I was assigned to the blog of Johanneke called “Bijna net zo lekker als thuis which means almost as good as home. I love the story behind the name of the blog, referring to her grandpa being asked in a restaurant if the food was good. He replied and said, it is almost as good as I eat at home 😉 Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know. Johanneke has a lot of different recipes on her blog, cooks for her “neighbors” via Thuisafgehaald, a platform where people can look for homes around them cooking good food which they can order and pick up near by. I love the fact that she also opens her home to people once a month to join them for a home cooked dinner. As I mentioned before there are a lot of recipes on her blog, but this time I chose to make “Thai Basil Chicken”. I gave it a little twist, and changed the recipe slightly.

IMG 7779 e1401196829548 1024x1024 - Foodblogswap: Thai Basil ChickenIMG 7780 e1401196848727 1024x1024 - Foodblogswap: Thai Basil Chicken

Recipe for Thai Basil Chicken (3 people)

350 grams of chicken thigh filet
3 small red thai chillies
2 cloves of garlic
1.5 TBsp of Sunflower oil
3 TBsp of Oyster sauce
2 TBsp of Fish sauce
1 TBsp of shaved Thai Palm Sugar
1 dl water
Thai Sweet basil, called Horapa
Optional: Toasted rice
Optional: Cucumber, diced
Optional: Tomato, diced
Optional: Little Gem lettuce

Remove access fat from the chicken thigh fillets and then cut them up in to smaller pieces. I then put them in my hand blender till I got to minced meat level. Set aside.
Chop up your peppers finely (I hold the pepper with a fork and then cut it to avoid my fingers becoming hot and accidents might happen).Grate your garlic and set aside.
In a wok, heat some of the sunflower oil and add the pepper and the garlic till you start smelling them.
Add in the minced chicken meat en wok until the pink color is gone.
Next add oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and a cup of water.
Keep moving your chicken around till it is cooked completely.
Taste the chicken and add more fish sauce or sugar or maybe a little hint of oyster sauce (be careful as it has a very strong flavor).
Add water so the chicken doesn’t go dry. You want to have some sauce left to drizzle over your smoking hot white rice.
When your almost done, add in the Thai sweet basil to give it that extra flavor.

I would serve this with rice.

IMG 7776 e1401196860844 1024x1024 - Foodblogswap: Thai Basil Chicken
When making the dish it reminded me of Larb, another recipe I posted earlier, so I thought why not give this recipe a twist and make it more like a Thai Larb Gai. Now to make my slightly adapted version of the recipe. You do exactly as stated above, but:

Wash your little gem and set aside.
Cut up your cucumbers and tomatoes in the same size.
Make toasted rice: 2 TbSp rice grains toasted until golden brown and pound until fine and powdery.
Now to assemble your salad. Take a little gem leaf. Add some chicken, tomatoes and cucumber and sprinkle some toasted rice on top.
You are now good to go!
IMG 7778 1024x1024 - Foodblogswap: Thai Basil Chicken

Screen Shot 2019 03 25 at 13.46.51 2 - Foodblogswap: Thai Basil Chicken

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