We went for dinner with the mini again. She’s allowed to join us quite often, but after she’d not been for a while she started complaining about it. She asked me why she could not join us for dinner again and I promised her she would join us again soon. As promised, she got to join us as we went to restaurant Odessa pizza and grill in Amsterdam.

She can’t stop asking for pizza’s lately, the simpeler the better, but the young lady is pretty peculiar when it comes to what she likes. I’d say she loves fine dining and food made with love and care. She absolutely loves the pizza’s we get at one of our faves Da Portare Via, so we were very curious.

We were having coffee with friends and afterwards thought an early dinner would be perfect. What a nice place, friendly staff, great decoration and setting and oh my the view was breath taking. Inside there were a lot of families having an early dinner with their kids, ordering pizza and dessert. Down stairs they were transforming the place for a private party later that night. Really cool setting to throw that special bday party or reception.

The pizza Margherita we ordered for me and the mini was absolutely delicious. The BF enjoyed his slow cooked veal cheek and he did not have any trouble eating his Angus beef. I ordered frog fish, but in all honesty, that was just not my thing. I had completely forgotten that I don’t like this fish. Wrong choice, my bad. The waiter came to ask if we wanted something for dessert and I was actually done, but when he mentioned sticky toffee and caramel, he won me over. I am so glad he did, this ladies and gents was food porn. It was so good, I could have this for lunch breakfast and dinner all over again. I need to get testing and try to come as close as I can to this piece of heaven. That kitchen adventure will be continued…

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Odessa, Pizza and Grill
Veemkade 259
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