Sometimes there are restaurants that you just want to try! Woo Bros with its Asian food was one of them and last week I joined foodie Eva from Mrs Anchelon to have dinner there. Being restaurant Dynasty sister, it had been on my list for so long, but I just hadn’t been thee yet. Thats why I was looking forward to going there and have good food.
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It was quite busy on the road and I had to look for a parking spot so Eva arrived before I did. I finally found a parking spot and walked to the restaurant where I got welcomed by Daniel who helped us the rest of the evening. He told me that I did not have to park that far, but that I could’ve parked in the parking underneath the Albert Heijn (P1 Waterlooplein) that was across the street. <Nice one Vanessa; note to self: I just need to do my homework a little better, ahum>. 

Time to sit down and Daniel explained the shared dining concept and we both ordered a drink. I had a Virgin Lychee Mojito (which was to die for!) and Eva took a white wine. We looked at the menu and both decided we wanted to have the soft shell crab roll. Actually we wanted to try basically everything on the menu, so when we talked to Daniel, he decided to give us a little tasting. We were thinking: Perfect!

We started with the soft shell crab roll and it was finished before we knew. In the mean time we saw our neighbors being spoiled with exactly the same and we wanted more. Thats when we decided, we’ll skip dessert and order another one of those!

As we didn’t know what we’d be getting and Daniel wasn’g going to give us an idea, it was a surprise everytime a dish was served. Next up were steamed scallops with ginger, scallions and chili oil and a pair of grilled oysters with black bean sauce. The grilled oysters were amazing. The sauce had some sort of amazing smokey flavor and dept that I just couldn’t demistify (need to get in to this asap!)

While we were eating, we looked at the menu again and saw that they had a sate Kambing. There is only one place where I normally eat that and that is Toko Madjoe  in Amstelveen. I was a bit sceptic and asked Daniel about it but he only smiled and didn’t respond to my questions and yes score, the next course we got served was a sate kambing and a Chinese classic: peking duck with pancakes and hoi sin sauce.

I loved my mojito so much that I ordered another one and while we were chatting away we got served half a lobster prepared traditional Cantonese style: with ginger, garlic and scallions! Lovely dish and it brought me back instantly to dinners we’ve had with my family.

The final dishes we got served were a sweet Thai beef with green peppers and a chicken thigh fillet with red curry and lychees (I am definitely making this one at home, I really loved the combination with the lychees) Delish!!

Our tummies were so full that we didn’t have a spot left for dessert nor to have that second portion of soft shell crab roll.

If you really want me to say what I liked the most, its not really fair as I just can’t choose, but I loved the “smokey” flavor I tasted in the oysters, the sate kambing and the sweet Thai beef with green peppers. A keeper for me! The soft shell crab is seriously one to die for and oh lets not forget about the amazing Lychee mojito that I am still dreaming about. Daniel did tell me that there was lychee in it, ginger, sugar and limes, so I am deff trying to make this at home. Ha, but maybe I’ll just skip that and go back and order my faves again or sit at the bar downstairs to enjoy a drink or two!
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Woo Bros
Jodenbreestraat 144

T 020 428 0488