Today I share with you a post, because I am missing my dearest dushi Korsow. My mini too, so as we were going through pictures, I thougt why not share this one with you guys too. Sometimes you instantly know “this is going to be special” and the only thing you then do is accept it or better yet start to enjoy it. That’s what happens when you arrive at Purunchi. My aunt told me about this special place where her friend Gina has a little fish place that is not really a restaurant, but more like an extended living room where friends and family can come and have a fresh piece of fish. Because of their absolute amazing quality I think its not so hidden as I would like it to be, but fair enough I will share 😉

IMG 0442 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - CuraçaoIMG 0444 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - CuraçaoIMG 0446 e1406148920320 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - CuraçaoIMG 0439 e1406148352566 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - CuraçaoIMG 0443 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - CuraçaoIMG 0445 e1406148437427 300x300 - Purunchi has the best fried fish - Curaçao
You arrive at Purunchi and are welcomed by a nice painting with some boats on it. You go inside and walk through their kitchen and greet the ladies cooking and once through there is the cutest little sitting area where you can enjoy some fisher boats as scenery. There was a guy cleaning fish and another one frying the fish. A little breeze gently touching your face really relaxes and the smell of fried fish makes your mouth water immediately. I fell in love and never wanted to go any where else. The Polar beer topped it and just made my day. Next up was ordering some food.

The menu is not a real menu, but a painting where the most common catches of the day are written. Sometimes you might be too late, so you’ll have to go with the flow aka the leftover fish. Equally good  as the famous Piska Kora or Purunchi. Gina also has a big poster where all of the fishes are listed and explained so she can explain pretty easily what fish you’ll be eating.

You can choose to eat Fried fish with a nice tomato paprika based sauce, fried plantains a salad, some pickled onions and:
– Cooked Funchi (which is best compared to polenta, but then they keep it soft);
– Fried Funchi, nice crispy polenta fries;
– Tutu (Which is the same as Funchi, but then they add black beans and sugar [I think]) or
– Steamed plantains.

The drinks on the menu are also made with love: they have Awa Lamunchi (a refreshing national drink made with limes), Awa di Tamarein (tamarind pulp mixed with water; read my tamarind syrup recipe here.), Polar Beer or Amstel Bright or a glass of ice cold water.

Oh and be prepared to wait a little. But patience does pay off as it was finger licking good. We went there 3 times during our holiday and I was bumped I couldn’t squeeze in a fourth time. A little tip, call them in advance to order your fish of choice.

Located behind the water plant at Koredor
Phone number: 00 5999 5113213 

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