So as you can see on the number of recipes on my blog, I loooove me some Vietnamese food. Its delish, its fresh, its healthy and here at home we all love it. However, today I am not talking about me cooking, no I am talking about a Viet gem my Vietnamese friend L tipped me about. Its called Pho 91 in Amsterdam. Whenever L and I used to talk about where you could go and eat good authentic Vietnamese food, she would always laugh and say that there is no place that could match home cooking. The day she told me about this place, my expectations were set immediately.. Thank god they did not let me down.

I arrived at this cute little place, located on the Albert Cuyp straat, yes exactly where the daily market is held. The sun was shining, so people were sitting on the small terrace too. The interior is cute with a big chalkboard wall where cool drawings were made on and there is a little cash register where you can order food to take away.


If a place is called Pho91, they should be cooking a kick as pho I thought, so I ordered some Pho with a variety of meats and some of their finger licking good caramelized chicken wings called Canh Ga Chien. NOM! I got a big bowl of yummy clear broth (very important when checking on authenticity; the broth should be clear but strong flavored still) and I asked for the meat (chicken, pork and beef), herbs and noodles to be separate. When arriving at home I reheated the soup and added the meet, herbs and noodles. Hmmm got me craving even more. I might have to make my own recipe again ;). The caramelized wings were seriously out of this world. They were da bomb.  And yes on the picture you’ll only see 3 as I couldn’t wait and ate on in the car already.

pho take away

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This time I had take away, but next time I am going there sitting and ordering everything they have on their menu. Its a must!

I also was able to ask the owner Linn some questions, which she didn’t mind answering. So be sure to check out the interview with her pretty soon.

There were a lot of people entering the restaurant and Linn was kind to take their phone numbers and notify them once a table was available.

Albert Cuypstraat 91hs
T: 020 75 26 880
Open Tue-Sun: 17h30 till 22h00

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