Today I’ve got the perfect solution for you when you don’t want to cook! Yess peeps, it takes literally just as long as it takes to fry the spring rolls. Bun Cha Gio is a light salad type of meal so perfect for this ahum Summer we are in. Here we also eat it when we want to snack sometimes or as part of more dishes on the table. Oh and the grilled Vietnamese bbq meat would go perfect with this dish too.

IMG 3649 - Quick meal: Bun Cha Gio salad

Recipe for Bun Cha Gio ~ 2ppl

150 gr (1/2 pack) Brown Rice Vermicelli
3 Vietnamese spring rolls (I always have some of Le Thi in my fridge)
Fresh herbs like Coriander, Mint and Thai Sweet Basil
1 hand full of Peanuts
1 Carrot, julliened
1/4 Cucumber, cut up in to thin strips.
Nuoc Mam dipping sauce.

Quickly cook your brown rice vermicelli, wait for it to soften and drain.

Rinse with cold water and drain again. Set aside.
Pluck your herbs so you only have the leaves.
If you want you can now roast your peanuts a little and then crush them once they’ve cooled off.
Fry your spring rolls till they are golden brown and crispy.
Cut them up in to smaller pieces.
Now assemble your bowl and start with some vermicelli, then add some carrot, cucumber and herbs to your liking,
the cut up spring rolls and some peanuts.
Drizzle the nuoc mam sauce.

Recipe for Nuoc Mam Sauce


Equal parts of sugar, vinegar/lime juice, fish sauce, water
Garlic to taste, start with 1 clove.

First you start with grinding the chili and sugar together and then adding the garlic.
In a little bowl now combine fish sauce, lime juice, water and add in the chili sugar garlic mix.
Taste and add more flavor to your liking.

Now tell me, was this easy or was it easy? If you want to see more Vietnamese Recipes, check out the picture overview here. If your more of a recipe index person, no worries, just go here!