As easter is around the corner, I’ve been thinking yellow for the past few weeks. Walking in to the HEMA here doesn’t make it any easier. They sell all these cute easter ornaments to pimp your brunch /lunch or dinner table. I couldn’t resist, but kept it modest. I bought two round yellow ornaments and little bunnies to brighten up my table.

Arriving home I got so exited, I just had to document them immediately. As spring is here and the days are warmer and there is a lpt of more sunshine, an idea for a recipe was born. Today I am sharing with you a recipe for a Mango Lassi. Delish now, but even better in summer. 
IMG 0428 1024x683 - Mango Lassi for Easter

Recipe for Mango Lassi 
~2 people or 4 small glasses

2 mango’s

200 ml Yogurt
200 ml milk

6 Ice cubes
2 Cardamom pods 
1 TBsp of sugar

Peel your mango and cut it up into smaller pieces.

Remove the kardemom seeds from the pods and grind them as fine as possible.
In a blender add mango, yogurt, cardamom, sugar and ice cubes.
Puree till you get a smooth substance and check to see if your glad with how it tastes.

If its too thick, add in a little bit of milk. If it needs more sugar, add so, but gentle.
Pour into glasses and serve.

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