Yeah for food post, I recently got sent some products and the Almhof pineapple coconut yoghurt was one of them. It immediately brought me back to the beach and Curacao where I had the best Pina colada at Zanzibar. They recently added this creamy rich pineapple coconut yoghurt to their range and I made a tropical treat with it. I don’t really have a recipe, just combined some ingredients and taraaa a little extra something something for your yoghurt. But to give you guys an idea, here’s my go at it.

pineapple coconut treat culinessa

Recipe for Pineaple Coconut Yoghurt treat

1 pack of Almhof Yoghurt
1 mango, cut up in to little cubes
Handful of pistache nuts, crushed
1 TBsp of toasted grated coconut

Make a nice layer and start with the yoghurt, then continue with the mango and sprinkle some of the pistache nuts and coconut on top.

That’s it!

Almhof Culinessa treat

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