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So as we are such burger fans, the Thrill Grill food truck was on our to do list for a while now. This truck however has its own route, so you should be lucky that it comes your way or you know where to go that day. I saw it once, when I was in the car driving the mini to the day care and then it just stuck to my mind. NEED to get me some burgers.

We were super happy when we read that Mr Kranenborg decided to open up a little Pop up restaurant for all of those in awe of burgers. Last week I decided it would be my lucky day. While not being completely flu free, my cooking mojo was still a little bit off, so this was nice. We entered the little spot and I was pleasantly surprised by the nice and warm atmosphere your welcomed with.

It was not to crowded so we could order pretty fast. We ordered the Thriller burger with some home made fries and a nice cup of tea to wash it all down. This burger consists of a super crunchy bun that’s till soft inside, with nice beef, a creamy sauce, tomatoes, onions, lettuce and some kick ass bacon. Unique was that they served the burger with a pickle, not on top, but next to it. So yummie. In all honesty, it reminded me of a burger from the Burger King. That nice flame grilled flavor, but then this time, less guilty because of the organic products used. Last but not least, we ordered some fries to go with the burger as well. MAN o MAN let me tell you ..the BF said the burger was his new nr 1, but for me the fries were the game changer. They were super thin, but then again uber crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  Oke, I think you get my point now.

IMG 20131217 105904 300x300 - Thrilled about Thrill Grill IMG 20131210 145238 300x300 - Thrilled about Thrill Grill

Don’t wait to long, as they will only have the restaurant till the end of January. They serve all kinds of burgers, from skinnies to salmon. Go and get your own flame grilled experience.

Thrill Grill
Wolvenstraat 22
1016 EP Amsterdam
T: 06 15 85 92 59

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