Recently I got sent the latest product Maggi has developed. A cleaner way to eat grilled chicken I’d say. Of course when hearing Maggi, a lot of people have a negative association. Lets be honest, me, being Surinamese, I just cannot live without my stock cubes, but I do try to minimize using them.

So I got a basked full of greens and veggies to go and experiment with the newest product from Maggi: 3 different flavored papyrus packages called Maggi Mals & Kruidig. What I liked about the product is that it doesn’t contain any additives. S C O R E! I was very curious to see how this method would work to keep the meat moist and flavored.

maggi veggie basket
My first choice was experimenting with the garlic and herbs version and as I had some chicken left, I thought it would be healthy to combine it with some broccoli. I followed the instructions and prepared my piece of chicken with the papyrus. No need to use butter or oil and no need to season, so pretty healthy if you ask me. Faster you won’t cook.

Surprise surprise, it worked: nicely grilled chicken. I love the fact that my chicken was moist and tender, but to my personal liking a bit over seasoned.  Maybe used in a salad or in a wrap, it could be perfect. The technique however got me intrigued. I love it! How do they to that? So, on my to do list: try with baking paper or score some papyrus too. Maggi Mals en Kruidig prepmaggi bereid culinessa
Chicken moist Culinessa



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