So I probably will always find an excuse to visit STACH food. Whether it be a croissant, a salad, a soup or even some snacks to enjoy at home, you name it and they’ve got it. The shop actually reminds me a lot of Wholefoods, where you’ll find hidden and known gems where brands don’t compromise on quality. Oh yes this shop really makes me happy, its foodie heaven. Sit down and enjoy a good cup of coffee and eat your croissant right away. In the mean time you can come up with the food or groceries to bring home 😉 If you can’t decide, the staff will help you and you can taste a lot too.

We started with some cappuccinos and croissants, but I just could not resist and we had some of the amazing Pearl Cous Cous salad made by Uit de keuken van Maass too. 

Pearl CousCous Stach Culinessa

Oh and they also have a weekly menu of 5.99 a piece. The meals (Think Penne Putanesca) really go hand in hand with whats in season. A daily product made with love. Believe me, STACH doesn’t lie when he says he knows what good food is and tries to share that with all of us!

Stach take out Culinessadesserts at Stach Culinessabaked goodies Stach Culinessa

Look at the stash from STACH..I am now already craving their brownies, they were just without exaggerating indescribably good so need to go back soon!
culinessa stash from STACH
Only one small request: Lets open a deli like this in Utrecht?!!

STACH food
Different shops

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