Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar // For those of you visiting Amsterdam, I am about to tell you about one of the best kept secrets hidden in the city centre of Amsterdam. Yes, get we talk Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar.

It was my mom’s birthday and thought why not have lunch together and celebrate. After all, she is the one who put up with me for all those years not wanting to eat a lot and only wanting to have my favorites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now that the mini is giving me a hard time with eating, I think about how my mom must have felt while I was not very appreciative of the things she cooked for us. Glad I am growing older and wiser nowadays, hahaha.

I had never been before and like every other local, thought ok what will it be like in the middle of the very known touristic area. However, I was pleasantly surprised! My mom, who is obviously not the one going to hipster places where youngsters gather, also loved it. Her observations were: what a relaxed and beautiful environment, lovely relaxed music and friendly staff. The Tuna Melt she ordered was delish! As was the freshly squeezed orange juice.

As for myself I cannot agree more, lovely interior and even though the place is huge, it doesn’t feel like it at all. The reading table with Ipads is perfect for those who are waiting to kill time and want to have a coffee, read a paper or just sit and do some work. I can imagine on a cold but sunny moment, it would be perfect to sit alongside the big windows and enjoy the sun.

I had a BLTC served on some viking bread, served with a mini portion of fries (perfect to satisfy that little tastebud). As we were eating, I was wondering what kind of events they organized and a little more about the place. I asked our waiter Narada and he explained to me that they have a live band entertaining sometimes and that the atmosphere completely changes during the night. They serve cocktails and have a renewed dinner menu adapted to the more healthier life style people have nowadays. When he mentioned those cocktails, I asked him if they serve them during the day to and yes ladies and gents, they do! We were so full that we didn’t have any room for dessert or drink a cocktail each. Sharing was perfect, to toast on the fact that it was my moms bday.

As for that new dinner menu the waiter mentioned, I need to go back and try out some of their dishes too.

Have a look yourself, you will be surprised! Even for you locals, let Van Rijn surprise you.
IMG 0325 1024x691 - Restaurant Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar
IMG 0333 1024x765 - Restaurant Van Rijn Kitchen and BarIMG 0335 1024x756 - Restaurant Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar
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Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar
Rembrandtplein 17
Tel. 020-4500 555

Screen Shot 2019 03 25 at 13.46.51 2 - Restaurant Van Rijn Kitchen and Bar

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