Happy new year to you all and today we talk resolutions. I normally am not a fan of new years resolutions, why? Because thats literally what it stays normally, a resolution. I wanted it to be different this year. Instead of making new years resolutions, I am actually going to do it, but then my way. Yess, because I noticed a few things last year: I’ve been reading about detoxing for years now, even bought some books, but have never done it.  Another thing that passed my thoughts frequently was “what does eating healthier mean exactly”? Its not like I eat at MacD or Burger King every day or add kroketten and fries to my menu every week. No, I am conscious as to what it is that I eat, but I am far from being a fit girl. So I’ve come up with the following method. I will stay close to myself, my intuition and common sense.  I wrote a little piece about it on the V&D site talking about this topic. I wouldn’t mind getting inspired by others, like Pascale Naessens who wrote a book about Pure eating and still be happy doing so.

I reviewed the book “Puur eten” that’s written in Dutch, so couldn’t really decide what to write about it here as I know you guys won’t be able to buy it and understand it. It took me quite some time to figure it out, but now I know that I do want to tell you guys about the message that the books trying to spread and share a recipe.

I love the fact that one of the first lines I read was: Pure food that makes you happy. Really got to me and made me curious. OK I wanted to know more about this cook book.

I received the book and took the time to sit down an afternoon and read it from front to back, checking all recipes and sipping on some tea while eating a piece of salted caramel chocolate. We are talking about food that makes you happy right 😉 Just kidding, it was good nonetheless.
IMG 8519 e1416302004133 1024x1024 - Puur Eten Pascale Naessens + new years resolutions
After having so much food during the holidays, I have decided that I want to pay a little bit more attention on what it is that I eat. Not drastically, but just by changing a few things. Reading this book showed me that Pascale really explains in a clear way how you can still happily change your patterns to a healthier way of eating. I loved the fact that she mentioned Superfood juices or strange workouts don’t do it for me. I want to be a live a and eat “real” food. I enjoy life so much and we only get to live it once, so we might as well enjoy it. Who doesn’t agree on this one?!

She keeps things pretty simple if you ask me. She comes up with a a meal by looking at fish or meat, cheese or potatoes and pasta or grains in combination with vegetables. She says forget about the classic way of looking at food by combining vegetables + meat/fish + potatoes and bread.

The first dish I made was the salmon with asparagus and a ginger soy dressing. When seeing the picture and reading the description off the recipe, I could almost taste the dish. Off to supermarket I went and taraa, what a beauty he?IMG 8520 1024x1024 - Puur Eten Pascale Naessens + new years resolutions
It was light, but still I was content. Loved the crunch from the roasted peanuts too. And best part, I was done within 10 minutes.

Other dishes I plan on making are:
– warm fruit with a cream of coconut;
– meatballs made with vegetables;
– Mackerel rilette
– Roast beef with spinach and a carrot dressing
– OH yes and CHOCOLATE: warm moist chocolate with fruits

Follow me on my journey trying to eat all there is in this culinary world, but then just with a little more attention to what it is that I am eating. I will always be a foodie, so the food needs to be damn good, no compromising on that.

Screen Shot 2015 01 03 at 11.16.34 AM e1420280303527 - Puur Eten Pascale Naessens + new years resolutions
Picture from Pascale Naessens website

Recipe for Warm and moist chocolate served with fruits

~ 4-6 ppl

300 gr pure chocolate, at least 70%
600 gr mixed frozen berries
4 TBsp of sugar
4 eggs
Handful of fresh berries

Defrost the berries and add the juices in a little bowl. You can use this juice to drink it or turn it into a coullis.

Its important to remove the juice from the berries.
Melt your chocolate au bain marie.
Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites.
Mixx the sugar with the egg yolks and after add in the berries.
Pour everything in to an oven dish.
Whisk up the egg whites till you get white peaks and pour in the melted chocolate.
Slowly pour over the  fruit mixture.
Put the oven dish in the oven on 180 °C  for 10 – 15 minutes. Ideally 12 minutes, so your chocolate is still soft and gooey.
Decorate with fresh berries on top.

Puur Eten – Pascale Naessens
EAN 9789401418805
€ 24,99