The first thing I did when I arrived in London was drop off the suitcases at the place I was sleeping and quickly headed over to Islington. There we met friends and had some amazing L-U-N-C-H at the one and only Ottolenghi.

sweet window ottolenghisalads ottolenghiottolenghi salad

You know that there are 7 sins and Gluttony is one of them right? Well there is no other word for it, but thats what happens when you enter! You just want to go bananas all over the place and seriously have a taste of everything. But after sitting down and having a drink and being a bit more realistic, I chose the small main course and salads menu. From the menu options I decided to go with the “Black and basmati rice with coconut, edamame, lime, chili, coriander, basil and mint”, the “Green pea and butter bean mash with pickled cucumber, goats cheese, Aleppo chili and almonds” and “Seared English fillet of beef with sour cream mustard and horseradish and rocket sauce”. I had a nice rich Barbera d’Asti wine to complete my meal.

broodmandje culinessalunch time Culinessa dessert Ottolenghi Culiness

I can’t choose which one I liked better, they were all nice and fresh and exactly what you know from Ottolenghi. Its no rocket science and not that difficult, I just would’ve never putten those ingredients together. And they work like magic. Serious magic together and make you feel very happy! As expected, I couldn’t resist the window with all the sweets and shared a Lemon Mascarpone tart and a Passion fruit Meringue as a dessert. Happy tummies, happy people, LOVE Ottolenghi. I can’t wait to get home and start cooking some of these. To be continued! If you can’t wait, check out my post about PLENTY by Yotham Ottolenghi here.

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