We all know the legendary organic fries the FrietFiets provides us with right! Well than I’ve got good news for you: from now on you can have these amazing fries all day every day, because Roderick and Siem decided to open up a store in the Vinkenburgerstraat 10 in Utrecht. <<YEAH>>

About two years ago, no one, including Roderick would’ve guessed he would be opening a shop. 3 Frietfiets units along the road, the first Frietwinkel opened their doors on august 15th. Nice to see how passion and determination can make dreams come true!
roderick siem culinessa
They are keeping the menu simple, focussing on the high quality of the fries and the products that they’ll sell. You should check out the amazing unit where they make fresh fries on the spot. Besides your usual fries fix, you can also get some “kroketten” and they even have a little salad on the menu. I love the Bionina sodas they sell and they have an organic beer on the menu too.menu frietwinkel
The shop is pretty simply decorated and they’ve kept a few gems in place. The white tiles behind the counter used to belong to a butcher that was situated about 20 years ago. 

potatoes frietwinkelinterior Frietwinkel
Go and experience yourself and say hi to Roderick for me!

fresh fries from Frietwinkel

Vinkenburgerstraat 10
T: 085-27 380 02