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As I am writing this, I think I can honestly say my interest goes out to cookbooks that tell a story, not just a recipe provider. To me cookbooks are literature. They take me in, have me completely swept away by the story leaving me behind craving all that yumminess I laid my eyes on while reading.

Thai Food – David Thompson
An absolute favorite, everything I have made from this cookbook came out super authentic making me a proud woman. There is nothing better out there than this cook book.

Thai Street Food – David Thompson
In awww of Thai food, I just had to have Thai Street Food. Now this cookbook is from a whole other league. Its the kind you need to put on a coffee table and look at it and glance through it. It will never bore me.

Secrets of the red lantern – Pauline Nguyen, Luke Nguyen, Mark Jensen
The Vietnamese kitchen is quite new to the Dutch, but I fell in love with it instantly. It is my newest obsession, so learning all ins and outs from this cuisine brought me to this book. Lovely recipes and nice inspiration. Some ingredients are a little hard to find, but 90% you can buy without a problem.

D’antuono – een culinaire traditie – Femke van Praag
If I think of Italian food during my studies, it is my two friends who spoiled me rotten. Either at their home or at the restaurant one of them was working for, the Cinema Paradiso. As we were such fans, me and the BF bought this cookbook. Man this is a little jewel, containing both a nice story on this extraordinary family and some of their master dishes.

Groot Indonesisch kookboek – Bep Vuyck
Now to me this cook book is one of the odd ones out in my list here, as it does not contain a historical part, but the funny thing is, it does have its historical value to me. From the BFs side of the family, the women learned how to cook from this book. Now it was more than natural I had to get one too. My mother in law gave me one almost 10 years ago and finally I had the guts to start cooking Indonesian this year. My father in law enjoyed my first ever “rijsttafel” and complimented me on the flavors. He said, it was almost as if his wife had cooked. Follow the steps and be sure to surprise those coming for dinner!

Het groot Surinaams kookboek – Samsin-Hewitt
Being a true Surinamese girl, this cookbook is a treasure to me. Whenever my mother or my grandmother cannot help me out with a dish I want to make, this is my go to spot. Its a very classical cookbook that was intended for the “huishoudschool”, but over the years it has become a cookbook everyone interested in Surinamese food buys.

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