Best Kept Secret Festival is all about good music. Every year they try to get the coolest line up for music and have you discover new bands that are not mainstream but make damn good music. Thats what their reputation is known for, but with the combination of focussing on food too, they are becoming very loved amongst fans.

We don’t only want to dance the day and night away, we want to satisfy our tastebuds too. Not with just your ordinary Fries, Kroketten and Frikandellen, but with some culinary madness too. At least thats what its all about when it comes to my preferences. Ofcourse I don’t expect restaurant worthy dishes, but dishes that are made of high quality pure products that are made with love and passion.
IMG 1388 1024x683 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival
2015 04 20 BKS Proeverij 1228 1024x683 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival
2015 04 20 BKS Proeverij 1311 1024x683 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival
Lucky me, I had the pleasure of attending a tasting where I sat down with other press and fans of the Best Kept Secret Festival and for once, the music was just a background thing. It was all about the food and giving us a sneak peak at what to expect when visiting the festival.

We all gathered at restaurant de Klub in Utrecht, where we got served a 4 course meal prepared by 4 different food concepts, but then restaurant style. I can hear you think: festival food in a culinary setting? How is that possible? Well check out what I had for dinner and you be the judge?

I know what I’ll be doing in the weekend of 19-21 June! During the weekend itself, about 50 food stands will feed you. Not in culinary style, but with love and passion for the dishes that they make.

Now who was there and what did we eat?
Wood Pizza
We started with a superfresh lil pizza as a starter.
Balls and Glory
Served us two styles of balls: Chicken and Pork. The favorite was the one with Pork and a mushroom truffle filling served with mashed potatoes and vegetables Roussanne Cadastres. I don’t know what William did with the sauce, but it was absolutely amazing. I kept wanting to lick my plate, but then realized I was sitting in a restaurant, so wisely did not.

Restaurant de Klub
Truffle mash served with a brique, truffle potato chips, baked celearic with some beure blanc on top. This was just a little painting on a plate with all of the color popping.

The Village
Served us their notorious coffee and made a kick ass desert with cold brew coffee to finish of the dinner. Man it looked like an animal attacked my plate. When doing some more research I found out that it was a wolfs claw. A little joke from the chef to hint about the new location they are opening soon.

How cool is it to know that the village will also be opening a second joint, not just coffee, but also breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will be opening this cafe restaurant at the old prison on Wolvenplein in Utrecht! Can’t wait!

For more info on tickets and the official program, have a look at their website.
19-20-21 June will be all about good music, fun, delicious food and relaxation. Enjoy peeps!

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IMG 4631 1024x1024 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival
IMG 4632 1024x1024 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival
IMG 4633 1024x1024 - Food at Best Kept Secret Festival

Pictures in this blog post have been made by Juri Hiensch and myself.