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Whenever I can, I try to find an excuse to go there. Why? Because I love it; better yet I love everything they serve! Do you catch my drift? I know it sounds too good to be true, but believe you me, its awesome. Quality is high, products incredible, food is amazing. Oh and did I forget to mention the ambiance. So nice and cozy, a little bit English, a little bit hippie, a little bit crowded but still nice and bubbly. Just the way I like it. My favorites: carrot cake, their yoghurt with caramelized pecan nuts, omelets, they sell a lean ass pasteis de nata (which I am obsessed with at the moment), superb quiches, scones with raisins and clothed cream and home made jam. So now you understand right? Its the perfect place to go to on a Sunday morning to have breakfast with your family, lunch with your BFFs and the kiddos or just a nice get together with friends. 

And more plusses for the fact that they are situated in quite a few cities in the Netherlands. Some of them even have take away shops.


Bakkerswinkel Amsterdam Centrum
Warmoesstraat 69, 1012 HX Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-4898000
Open from Monday to Friday: 8h00-17h30
Saturday – Sunday 9h00-18h00

Bakkerswinkel Amsterdam West
Regulateurshuis 1, Polonceaukade 1, 1014 DA Amsterdam
Tel.: 020- 6880632
Open from Monday to Friday: 8h30-17h00
Saturday – Sunday: 10h00-18h00

Bakkerswinkel Amsterdam Zuid
Roelof Hartstraat 68, 1071 VM Amsterdam
Tel.: 020-6623594
Open from Tuesday to Friday 7h30 – 17h00
Saturday 7h30 – 17h00
Sunday 09h00 – 16h00

Bakkerswinkel Utrecht
Wittevrouwenstraat 2, 3512 CT Utrecht
Tel.: 030-2667999
Open from Monday to Friday: 8h30-17h00
Saturday 8h00 – 17h00
Sunday 10h00 – 17h00

Bakkerswinkel Den Haag
Torenstraat 142, 2513 BW Den Haag
Tel.: 070-3020756
Open from Monday to Friday: 09h00- 17h00
Saturday – Sunday: 09h00- 18h00

Bakkerswinkel Zoetermeer
Dorpsstraat 125, 2712 AG Zoetermeer
Tel.: 079-3163178
Open from Tuesday to Saturday: 9h00-18h00