I think we’ve got almost all the Jamie Oliver cookbook classics here at home and I can’t wait for his new book Comfort food to be released here in NL. Moreover I am not the only one who is exited; the BF is just as exited and I am sure the mini will be thankful one day to inherit these gems. Enough about that; let me tell you: As a mega big Jamie Oliver fan (yes I am and I am not shy to say so) I am super exited to share with you guys something cool! Jamie Magazine  is celebrating the 25th issue coming out and sold in stores as of today and they are throwing a big party and I am able to let you guys join in on the fun.

The 25th issue of Jamie magazine is one big summer party featuring happy cocktails, color popping cakes, lots of tropical dinners outside, hotspots in Mallorca and recipes to make a big camping culinary party! Exited too? Read more about it below.

Over the past few months I’ve shared with you some recipes here, joined the food revolution and made the rainbow salad that day and I shared my beer in the but can chicken on Instagram. What a beauty huh? I think this is by far my favorite dish so far. I love the simplicity of the herbs used in this recipe of the beer can in the butt chicken.
beer in the butt can chicken

Because of the 25th magazine being released this month you can win some cool things here!
Jamie 25 mags
Now what can you win?
– 3x a year subscription to the Jamie magazine;

– 1x all of the 25 issues of Jamie Magazine released up on till now [a true collectors item];
– 1x a foodie bag containing a lot of yumminess or
– 5x a Jamie Oliver meals in 30 minutes DVD.

So what do I want to know? Its pretty easy if you ask me, all I want is for you to
1. Comment in this blogpost what your favorite Jamie Oliver dish is and why;
2. Use a valid email address so I’ll be able to contact you easily.
3. [Optional] Share your fave dish on Instagram and combine hashtags #culinessa #jamiemagazinenl you’ll get an extra chance to win.

You can participate till next Tuesday 5th of August 17hr. Hope you join in and celebrate too!

mini helping

The mini helped me draw some winners and Congrats to Jeroen, Heather, Carla, Simone, Sabrina, Henna, Tineke, Walter, Gideon and Cheukam. Check your inboxes to see which price you won! Its not possible to contact me on who did or did not won.

*This promotional contest from Jamie Magazine is a collaboration with PR agency de Wolven.