G E S L O T E N – Wij hebben er met heel veel plezier gegeten, dus hier laten we dit artikel lekker staan.

the Fat Dog // So it was the weekend of the Rollende keukens and we were actually going to stop by to have some food and drinks there, but speaking to some friends we decided not to go. Apparently it was super crowded and as we had the mini with us, it would not be ideal. So we decided to skip and the BF had the perfect solution on eating a snack: hot dogs from the Fat Dog! We had tried to eat there 2 times before, but both times they were closed. Boehoee..so this 3d time KACHING they were open and we were heading there for sure.

It was nice and sunny, so we decided to sit on the terrace and have a beer while deciding what to eat. Perfect! I had the “Naughty Bangkok”, a hotdog served with pickled veggies, red curry mayo and some crispy rice and coriander. The BF had the “Gangs of New York”: classic sauer kraut with an onion marmelade, mustard and some crispy bacon. The mini had a sausage only as she is allergic to egg, it did not stop her from enjoying it just as much as we did. She loved it and so did we! 
IMG 7969 - a whole new level of Hotdogs: the Fat Dog

IMG 7970 300x300 - a whole new level of Hotdogs: the Fat Dog   v     IMG 7971 300x300 - a whole new level of Hotdogs: the Fat Dog

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Screen Shot 2019 03 25 at 13.46.51 2 - a whole new level of Hotdogs: the Fat Dog

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