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My name is Vanessa aka CulinessaHow nice of you to come and have a look on Culinessa.com where I share with you my culinary passions. I like to cook, not just food, but good food. Intrigued? In this post I tell you why I started this blog, so have a look at it.

I am currently living with the BF and the mini and hopefully one day the mini will read everything on the blog while she grew up. Funny idea that she’ll be using this one day to make friends and family lovely food too.
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Blogging is somewhat new to me, so I haven’t figured out yet how many times I will be blogging, what I will be blogging about, but please follow me on my journey. I am excited and grateful for those of you who have found my blog! I strive to always be a real and honest blogger you can connect with! Have a look at my recipes here or take your time read the recipe index. I recently started to post my content in Dutch too, so have a look at “recepten” here or take your time to read the “recepten index” here.

If you like to get inspired, check out my Inspiration section where I discuss cookbooks and cool products I also do Interviews or discuss cool hotspots and restaurants. 

I once started with only making pictures with my Iphone 5s,  but shortly after started shooting with my long lost DLSR camera too. Nowadays I should with a full frame camera. I also wrote a post  about it and give some tips. I use my Macbook like its my bff when it comes to blogging.

If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email on info@culinessa.com


Vanessa aka Culinessa

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