Did you guys notice that Gin has been hot like for ever? Still its hot enough for a new brand to enter the competition. Yes peeps I am saying competition as there are so many different gins out there. 

I got to attend the launch of the newest Amsterdam pride: Vørding’s Gin. Even though this Gin has been on the loose for a while, it was recently festively launched a year after. Proud mr Vørding himself said he wanted to tweak and fine tune the product till he was proud enough and people could buy it without a problem. 

Thomas Vørding, hence the name; a born and raised Amsterdammer who wanted to make the best gin possible. He started experimenting from his own kitchen trying to perfect his recipe and create a gin he loved. The result is a silky smooth tasting gin founded in Amsterdam and proudly distilled in Schiedam, The Netherlands. And those toasted cedar chips? They’re still chopped and toasted by hand in Vørding’s own kitchen.
IMG 0766 Version 2 1024x683 - Vørding’s Gin, pure sophisticated goodness
At the launch, hosted in the amazing Tropen Instituut, we got to taste 3 different cocktails that were all made with, yes Vørdings Gin. The Cocktail Professor created 3 amazing combo’s:

1) Vørdings Notes, topped with some red chocolate
2) Cedar Garden, made with some lavender milky foam
3) Campfire goodness, smoked cedar wood infused gin

IMG 0734 1024x858 - Vørding’s Gin, pure sophisticated goodness
The BF loves gin and as it was held in the Tropen Instituut, he joined me on this little adventure. Our fave was the Campfire Goodness, the smell was amazing and the technique even more intriguing. Made with cedar wood, cinnamon and orange peel that have been set on fire on a cedar wood serving board. This smokey goodness gets caught in a glass by simply putting it on top of this small campfire of ingredients. After that, the gin is combined with homemade tonic syrup and Angostura bitters and poured into the glass thats been coated with smoke. Resulting in an old-fashioned type of drink with real body!
IMG 0760 e1428055202563 1024x658 - Vørding’s Gin, pure sophisticated goodness

Maybe it was the amazing setting, the room called “Wood Cabinet” or the impressive amount of cedar chips with a huge axe or was it that cedar aroma that just hypnotized me. 

Nowadays you can buy Vørdings Gin (+/-€38) in several liquor stores like Sterk in Amsterdam. 

Check out their website for more information!