So as mentioned before, I went to the cocktail tuesday at Admiraliteit Bar & Kitchen where we got explained a lot about their different cocktails on the menu. Read all about it in my post here!

Besides all the cocktails, we got spoiled with all of the nice bites that they serve. One of them was this amazing tuna tataki, which I am currently obsessed with. As I mentioned on Instagram, I think I tasted it well enough so I can now reproduce it. Here’s my go at it. Let me know once you’ve made it what you guys think of it. It’s light and its simple to make. If you double the portion you can eat it with a salad as a main course. 

Tuna Tataki

Recipe for the Tuna Tataki Admiraliteit inspired

~ appetizer for 2

150 gr of Tuna; sashimi quality from your fish monger
Kewpie Mayonnaise (available at the toko)
Wasabi Furikake (available at the toko)
[Shiso Cress] – optional

Season your tuna with salt and pepper.
Cut up your tuna in 3 cm thick lenghty pieces

In a plate, lay about 2 TBsp of furikake wasabi mixture.
In a pan, add a little bit of olive oil and heat it up.
Sear your tuna for about 10 seconds on all sides and immediatly dipp in the furikake mixture
Cut up into cubes that are about 3cm x 3 cm big.
Serve with a little bit of kewpie mayo and finish of with a little shiso cress on top

Thats about it!

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