Spring is almost here, can you feel it? Its so weird to imagine next week spring is officially here; especially since I am coughing like a dog. I sure got in the mood the other day at the Vinnies Deli “Spring is in” tasting.

Vinnies Deli, is an awesome deli where you can go and have a good cup of Bocca coffee, a breakfast, lunch, but you can also get nice warm dishes. Up until now I would go and visit the location in the Haarlemmerstraat, but I recently went to the Nieuwezijds Kolk. Also very nice and relaxed atmosphere to sit back and just enjoy. They work with high quality products that have been chosen with care and let me tell you, you can taste it!

Ok, back to spring. They are launching a new menu as of the 1st of April (no that is not a joke ;)), so you’ll have to wait, but today I give you a little sneak peak in whats coming. If you get a chance to go don’t wait to long, it’ll be worth it.

The mini joined me this time and once we arrived, it felt like we had a intimate party. The table was decorated so fresh and floral that it brought a smile to everyone’s face. A bouquet of flowers puts a smile on everyones face, right?
Vinnies deli Vinnies VoorjaarOn our plates they put a little menu card, but I decided not to look and be surprised. It was an even bigger surprise that owners Jules Ex and Vincent Cloet brought the courses to our table and took the time to explain to us what was on our plates. After tasting, they wanted us to give them feedback (what a life, he?!). If this could be my day to day job, man I would die!

We started with a tomato and fennel soup and my mini ate it all while I blinked with my eyes. She loves “orange soup”, so I guess that made this dish a winner too. Normally when she gets something new, she’s like no, I don’t want to taste it. Now she took her job very serious and told the owners how much she enjoyed it. I, of course was one proud mommy. After that, my favorite was served: Toast with pesto made of turnip tops topped with some cheese from Texel sheeps. OMG D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! The mini kept asking me for a piece of cheese, so also for her a winner!

While we chatted away, I can without one doubt say that we were all enjoying. One by one feast to our eyes and so was the next dish, a red beet salad, served with rhubarb and gorgonzola. This dish was followed by shakshuka with a twist; instead of cracking the eggs in the dish, they poached them. Lovely twist if you ask me. We tasted a cauliflower pie and ended our tasting with a no-sugar-added-chocolate date cake. All naturally sweetened with fruits. WOW and my mini loved it, especially the ganache that came on top. She at all of it first and then had a little of the cake. After she’d ate most of it, she was thirsty, so she drank all of the water. She said, Oh mom look this water it tastes like cucumber. Can I have some of those too? Besides the normal water, we also had a bottle of Amsterdam Spuitwater. Which is a nice soft bubbly soda water. A feast to the eye that bottle!

tomaat venkel soepbietensalade vinniesShakshuka vinniesbloemkool piechoco cake

Now tell me, do you guys want to eat all of this yumminess right now? I can’t wait till its the 1st of april to go back!

Oh and what I also like about Vinnies Deli is that they cater too, whooptie doo!

Vinnies Deli
Amsterdam: Nieuwezijds kolk en Haarlemmerstraat 

If you want to see more pictures from the tasting, have a look via the #VinniesVoorjaar on Instagram.