As its getting colder, I am craving more and more comfort food these days. As we live in an area with a lot of farmers, we drove by and bought ourselves a nice big pumpkin. Time for some soup I’d say 😉 Perfect comfort food, right?

Now this pumpkin soup is a soup I created myself, being fond of Thai food, I just thought it would be perfect. Whenever I make it for friends and family, they all love it and want the recipe.

I never really bothered writing it down, but last year, I helped friend L surprise her hubby. As this soup brings them back to being on their honeymoon in Thailand again. We wrote down the recipe and now you guys get lucky too.

I normally serve it different ways: as an entree when having more Thai food or as dinner with a bowl of steamy hot rice next to it. Its also perfect for lunch time with some roasted bread.

pumkin soup culinessa

Recipe for Thailicious Pumpkin Soup

~ serves 4
1 Pumpkin (about 1 kg)
1 medium Onion – chopped up roughly
2 TBsp Olive oil
Salt and Pepper

For the stock
3 stock cubes – 4 gr each
1 clove of garlic – bruised
1 medium onion – chopped up roughly
1 liter of water
3 kaffir lime leafs (djeroek poeroet)
1 Lemon grass stalk
Thumb of galangal (3 slices)
2 TBsp of Fish sauce
250 ml Coconut milk

First start by talking the 2 halves of the pumpkin, remove the seeds and add in some of the chopped onions, season with salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.
Lay on a baking tray lined with paper. Bake on 150 C for about 30 minutes and then check to see if it is cooked through.
In the mean time start by making your base stock.
In a big pan, add in onions, garlic, stock cubes and about 1 liter of water.
Cook for about 30 minutes till you get a nice clear stock.
When your pumpkin is ready, let it cool off and start spooning out the flesh. You don’t want to get the outside of the pumpkin in your soup.
Add it too the stock and take out your hand blender and blend till its a nice and creamy thick soup.
Its now time to add in your lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leafs and let it cook until you start smelling those fragrances.
I do take out the kaffir lime leafs out after about 5 minutes because I find them to defining otherwise.
Let the pumpkin soup boil for another 15 minutes.
Add in your coconut milk and season with fish sauce.
Your now ready to serve and add in some chopped up coriander leaves.

pumkin soup for lunch

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