Cashew Nut Chicken is one of the first Thai dishes I ate. My sister used to work at a Thai Restaurant and thats how I first got introduced to this type of cuisine. I enjoyed this dish so much that I made it at least once a month. I know, that is a lot, especially for someone like me who eats very diverse. You can say, I was a little bit hooked on it. Nowadays I still cook it, but not as much and every time we have it here, it’s still a winner! I also love the fact that you can whip up a meal in just about 20 minutes. While your cooking your rice, you make the rest. Easy does it and what a royal meal, right?
This week it was time to cook for the Koken met Aanbiedingen app and I made Thai Cashew Nut Chicken. If you don’t like spinach, replace it and use Bok Choy. Enjoy!
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Recipe for Thai Cashew Nut Chicken

~ serves 4
300 gr chicken filet – cut into equal pieces
150 gr cashew nuts
Pandan rice for 4 people
2 TBsp oyster sauce
1 TBsp fish sauce
1 TBsp sugar
1 big clove of garlic – chopped up finely
3 TBsp water
1 chili pepper – finely sliced
Olive oil
[optional: 1/2 tsp corn starch]

For the spinach
200 gr Baby spinach
2 cm ginger
1 TBsp Olive oil
2 tsp oyster sauce

Cook the rice according to the instructions.
In the mean time start making the cashew nut chicken.
Heat up 1 TBsp of olive oil and fry the garlic golden brown.
Add in the chicken filet pieces and wok them for about 5 minutes. Keep moving them around and season with salt and pepper.
Now its time to add in oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and water and stir fry during 5 minutes. Keep stirring.
Add in the cashew nuts and chili pepper in ad stir fry for another 3 minutes.
If you want to create a thicker sauce, add in half a teaspoon of corn starch. Mix in well.

For the spinach
Cut up the ginger in slices.
Add in 1 TBsp of olive oil in a wok and fry until fragrant.
Next up add in the spinach and keep stirring.
Finish up by adding in the oyster sauce.
Divide the rice and serve the vegetables and the Thai cashew nut chicken.

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