Thank god its FRY day aka friday 😉 hehehe don’t you love this. I sure do and let me tell you about the magic we are about to create: Crispy Chinese Parcels. So sometimes you get inspired by others to make a little treat. That was the case with these little beauties. Sabine from Oh My Foodness was in Thailand and she made Thai Parcels during a workshop and instagrammed them. She said she would be sharing the recipe soon, so I am curious to see it when it appears.

At first, the BFs first reaction was a bit sceptic, eating a parcel and then a fried pandan leaf, but he really liked it. Actually he and the mini almost ate all of it while I was making them and frying them afterwards.

I loved the idea of the little parcels and came up with a Chinese version: crispy Chinese parcels. They look really nice and are the perfect little snack for parties.

Culinessa_chinese parcels

Recipe for Crispy Chinese Parcels

~ 20 parcels
150 gr Shrimp (deveined and shelled) – chopped
100 gr Corn kernels
75 gr of Chinese lotus root – chopped –> optional
1 small clove of garlic – grated
1/2 tsp of white pepper
1/2 tsp of salt
1 spring onion white part only – chopped
20 spring roll wrappers 5 inch/12,5 cm
20 strips of 3mm pandan leaf (cut up the pandan leaf in half and cut 3 mm strips and cook them first).

In a hand blender add shrimp, garlic, white pepper, salt, spring onion and give it a spin.

When the shrimps are chopped up add in the corn and lotus root (optional) and give it another spin.
Take a spring roll wrapper and with a big teaspoon add some of the meat mixture in the middle.
Bring together and tie with the pandan leaf strips.
Fry golden brown and serve with a nice chili sauce.

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