You guys will not believe it, but I had my first Christmas party this year. Yes you read it right! I got an invite to come and celebrate the introduction of the new Tefal grill called the Optigrill.  The theme of the party was christmas, so I arrived at the nice venue and as everybody was dressed up very christmas like, Michael Bubble singing Have your self a merry christmas, the mood was set.

We got welcomed with a glass of bubbly and I chatted away with sweet miss K. They really decorated the place in style, lots of glitter and glamour with a big Christmas tree and prezzies underneath. I loved the table decoration and lit candles too and after 10 minutes, it was really christmas to me. I couldn’t wait for it to be Christmas for real.

I was sitting with a mixed group of journalists and bloggers and we chatted away about good food and why we love it so much. Gladly we enjoyed all of this while having a 5 course dinner and a good glass of wine. Everything prepared with the Tefal Optigrill. We even got to prepare our own main course, which meant cooking steak. Iaaks. That is something I leave to the BF as he masters it. I always think its a shame if you ruin a beautiful peace of meat. With some guidance from Tefal, we grilled our own piece of meat and cooked a perfectly medium steak; just the way we wanted. This grill is ideal, you indicate what your cooking and how you want it and the machine does the rest. Sounds good he?!

At the end of the evening we got a present and believe it or not, we got to take home the Tefal Optigrill. I just couldn’t believe it. Let the grilling begin. With this grill I will dare to cook my BF a steak too.Xmas tefal Optigrill culinessa xmas Optigrill culinessa K and Culinessa
Just to be complete, the Tefal Optigrill is an intuitive grill unit, where a cooking sensor makes sure the cooking cycle is adapted to the thickness and how much you want to grill on it. On the control bar for the grill, from left to right you’ll find the power button, a defrost setting, six auto settings for burgers, chicken, bacon, sausages, steak and fish. Gladly there is a manual setting too and the OK button next to it confirms your choice. A big LED display helps you monitor your cooking with different colors.

Since I have it at home, I have been using it almost every day now. So what do I think of the Tefal Optigrill?
– Its quite a big unit, but the moment you free up some space for it, its there to stay.
– Its very intuitive, so no need to study the manual.
– I’ve eaten a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. The grill doesn’t flatten your sandwich! Score!
– Too bad there is no indicator for vegetables, but those can be grilled on the manual setting.
– There is a really handy little tray where cooking juices are collected.
– I love the fact that you can remove the grilling units easily and clean them afterwards.
– You really get to cook your perfect piece of meat without using any oil.
– The Tefal Optigrill locks in flavor and juices, so you produce a nice and moist peace of meat.

culinessa tefal optigrillOptigrill Tosti Culinessa Grilled veggies culinessa

Optigrill Sausages Culinessa
This beauty can be yours for € 159,00.

Tefal Optigrill