If you don’t know Petit Gateau, from now on you will. It is my favorite Patisserie and actually I have had too many of their cakes, at least thats what I think. Whenever entering the shop, you get a happy vibe instantly because of the color popping tartelettes staring it you. I personally just don’t know which one to choose. So I’ve tried a lot of them already. They have over 50 amount of flavors. It is difficult to choose but I think my personal favorite is the Tartelette with the Raspberry Ganache topped with a cute fresh raspberry. I love the dark chocolate [from Valrhona!] and then the savory taste from the raspberries comes through. I can’t leave the shop without also having one of their Madeleines.


tartelettes petit gateau culinessa petit gateau madeleines
The last time I was there with friends I saw that they also have a lunch room upstairs where you can have breakfast, brunch or lunch. Think Brioche French toast, toasted brioche, croissant, scones, scrambled eggs and to finish it off a little cake for dessert. What more could a girl ask for! Oh yes, a real Croque Monsieur, but I got the good news that soon they’ll be having these on the menu too. <Y E A H>.

Two weeks ago I attended one of their workshops, hosted by owner Meike Schalling, Meike studied Patisserie at the “Ecole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie de Paris” and worked as a pâtissière at La Grande Cascade and also owned a Petit Gateau in Paris for 6 years. Gladly she moved to the Netherlands and opened a Petit Gateau in September 2013.

So back to the workshop, we talked, we learned, we baked, we tasted and we got to take home 5 cakes each. We made 4 different Tartelettes: Pistache and apricot, lemon meringue, caramel nuts and a raspberry chocolate ganache. You realize I had a Petit Gateau party at home too right ;).

Lemon Meringue Culinessacaramel nuts petit gateau culinessa
Meike really took all the time and patience to explain to us how to make the perfect little gateaus. One thing, I need a lot more practice, because my cakes were not ready to be presented behind the counter. Its not difficult to make them, but practice does make perfect. I have a long way to go!
I am planning on taking a trip to Duikelman soon, they sell the 8 cm baking rings you need to make these beauties.

Tips we got:
– Use ordinary flour for the dough, you don’t need anything special;
– The butter can be cold, straight from the fridge;
– The trick for the crunchy crust of these babies is the usage of normal flour and almond flour;
– You can bake blind, but you don’t need to use peas to keep the dough from rising. It will not.
– When making ganache, use cream that has been heated slightly. This will prevent it splashing everywhere.
– In the ganache Meike uses a drip of honey to make the ganache more elastic.

workshops petit gateau culinessa

If you want, you can also attend a workshop. Besides the Tartelette workshop, there are a lot more workshops: macarons, eclairs, quiches and gougères and chocolate desserts. Allergies can be discussed.

Costs € 43
Time 19.00 – 21.30
T 020 737 15 85 or info@petitgateau.nl

IMG_1010meike hands

Also for Children

So except for the workshops for grown ups, Petit Gateau also gives workshops to children from the age of 3 years. They’ll be entertained for 2 hours and they actually get to bake something. If there is an allergy involved that doesn’t have to be the problem; just mention it when you reserve.
Cost € 23

TV show and cookbook
Oh and to give a little sneak peak, Meike’s signature is all over a new kids baking show “Taart” that is going to air on TV on September 7. They’ll also bring out an amazing cook book [on my  WANT list] that was made with Meike’s help. The show will tell the story of patissier Umut and his 8 year old son Kadir. After something sad happens, Kadir wants to discover the sweet side of life. In this book there will be a lot of baking, but also nice stories build around the characters of the show. This cook book is for all children who like to bake; with or without the help of their mom or dad. A review will follow soon!
Cost € 14,95

taart kookboek

dough before bakingdough after bakingProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Recipe for the Tartelettes dough ~ 6 tartelettes

100 gr flour

A dash of salt
40 gr icing sugar
15 gr almond powder
60 gr of butter
1/4 of a beaten egg
6 Baking rings 8 cm diameter

Mix all ingredients except for the egg until you get a sandy dough.
Add in the egg and kneed until you can shape a nice firm ball.
Put in the fridge and let the dough rest for 30 minutes.
Heat your oven to about 170 C.
Sprinkle some flour on your work surface.
Roll out the dough till its about 5 mm height.
Use a bowl to cut out circles that are bigger than your baking ring.
Fill up the baking rings removing extra dough.
Press the dough firm to the sides.
Bake blind (without baking beans) f0r about 8 minutes.


Recipe for the raspberry ganache,
My favorite filling


115 gr of Pure chocolate (Valrhona – sold at Petit Gateau too)
10 gr of honey
65 gr of whip cream
65 gr of raspberry pulp
6 fresh raspberries

Add the chocolate and the honey in a bowl.
Heat up the whip cream and the raspberry pulp in a pan.
Pour the cream raspberry mixture over the chocolate and stir till you get a smooth mixture.
To finish of the tartelette put a raspberry on top of each.
Now pour the ganache in the pre baked little tartelettes and store in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden.

Petit Gateau
Haarlemmerstraat 80

1013 EV Amsterdam