Shoot july 2012 6 682x1024 - Talking 2 Moshik Roth from &Samhoud places

So I had lunch at &Samhoud places (Streetfood) before and was just intrigued by the menu, this restaurant and the story behind it. I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering how he does it. How does his mind work. My conclusion was I need to speak with this artist, because thats what he is an artist. I was brave enough to ask and gladly Moshik Roth said yes.

Talking 2 Moshik Roth

Age: 42


Where does your passion for food come from?
I grew up in a culture where food plays an important role. Since I was a little boy I would go in to my moms kitchen and watch and enjoy her cooking. Eating and sharing that with others was a party.

Did you always want to become a chef?
Being Jewish, I completed my military service and after that decided I no longer wanted to become a neurosurgeon. Instead I headed to Eilat and was planning on doing hotel management. While studying I also worked at a hotel where I met my wife Els and moved to Holland with her. I got lucky Jonnie Boer gave me the opportunity to do an unpaid internship at his restaurant. The rest is history.

Who/what inspires you?
It could be anything, anywhere, every where. Its very hard for me to say where I get my inspiration from, but I guess its mostly traveling around the world. Sometimes I go on holiday and months after I come up with a dish and in retrospect I sometimes think ah yes, it was “that trip” that inspired me to bring these flavors and combinations together. Sometimes it just comes up, in the most bizarre places or setting where you least expect it to. Thats what I love about cooking. 
Explain to me how your brain works. How do you come up with the dishes on the menu?
Like mentioned above, its very hard for me to say what really inspires me, but depending on my mood, the setting, the smells, I can come up wit a dish. For instance, I was standing in front of the Lips painting made by Salvador Dali and thought..aaah yess I need to do something with this painting. I thought, maybe a dessert? No, not a dessert, as Salvador Dali was not a happy person. However I did want to do something with the colors of the red lips, so I decided to make a deconstruction of the painting and have certain elements of the painting return. I made a dish with lips made out of goose liver, raspberries, almonds, lychees and roses.
I ate the Tomeato Burger in the lounge the other day, tell me how did you come up with this dish? Where did it all begin?
I am a big big fan of the Cheese burger McDonalds makes and this is an homage to that burger, but then of course my version. [FYI: the burger looks like a normal cheese burger, but then when you taste it, you think its not meat, but what is it that I taste? And then it got to me: its a 100% no meat tomato burger patty]. In my previous restaurant “Brouwerskolkje” I would always serve people the Tomeato as an amuse. My partner Salem Samhoud told me the day we decided to work together that the Tomeato needs to be on the menu as a regular. So that’s how it started. 
Tell me why there is a restaurant and a street food restaurant?
Because I want everybody to be able to enjoy my food. Not only people who are able to enjoy the restaurant upstairs. I want everybody to be able to enjoy the things I create. I love the fact that someone can have a drink and eat some street food in the street food restaurant. 
Can you tell me a little bit more about your collab with Albert Heijn. The 4 take away dishes, why?
I wanted to bring my meals to peoples table at home. We developed 4 different microwave friendly dishes: &lasagna, &maza, &couscous and &chili sin carne. Non of the meals contain meat, but my favorite ingredient tomato is incorporated. Besides that, working with vegetables is more sustainable and healthier then using meat. These meals are a delicious alternative. [nice to know: when you buy one of these dishes, you give a child living at the SOS-Kinderdorpen a meal too.] Check out this clip to find out more!
[youtube width=”600″ height=”365″ video_id=”tDHQQk4izcA”]
No collab with MaccieD?
Who knows what the future holds..[he said with a big smile]
Most memorable kitchen moment?
Its not that I don’t have a memorable moment in the kitchen, but together with my team we create a lot of memorable moments. My chef de cuisine Dennis Huwae is the second man here and I trust him and his judgement. Its nice to celebrate important moments together with my team. Thats what makes it memorable in the kitchen.
What is it that you like to eat then when you eat at home?
A very simple pasta dish, made with some fresh tomatoes. Nothing too complicated, but I enjoy it most.
Can you tell us a culinary project your working on?
There are new initiatives with AH going on, which I am very exited about. So keep an eye open.
What are your hotspots?
“Le Garage”, from Joop Braakhekke is an all time favorite but I also enjoy going to “de Republiek” in Bloemendaal. Chef Gerrit Marcus makes pure and honest food thats in season. The asian atmosphere relaxes too. “McDonalds” I am also a big fan of as you read above.
What would you rather buy to eat than cook yourself? 
In all honesty, I think that would have to be Roti. My chef de cuisine Dennis brings me Roti with chicken on a weekly basis.
Do you have any dreams for the future and how do they look like?
I would love to continue the work that I am doing now (and yes that 3d star is a dream) but just as important to become even more successful in bringing &Samhoud food to peoples homes and also helping the children (our future).  ‘Together we build a brighter future. We give gastronomy to the world by inspiring and connecting people.’
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