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Of course I had heard of Foodgloss, one of the bigger Dutch food channels on YouTube, but I never really knew who Frances Lichtenberg was. Until I sat next to her during the Hellmans Burger fest we both attended. Young, nice and ambitious girl who knows what she wants. It was also quite funny to see how vlogging works “live”. I met Frances again when I was having lunch at my old job and as we chatted away, I asked her if she would be up for an interview. Gladly she said yes and we met up. The moment you talk about food, you have bond instantly, and hopefully you guys like this interview just as much as I did!


Profession: Founder of Foodgloss

Age: 23

Tell me, how did it all begin? The Foodgloss adventure?
I was looking at a lipstick video from Beautygloss (the biggest beautyblogger in NL) and saw that this video had been watched a lot of times. I thought: WOW! That is a lot of views for a lipstick. I like make up too, but that there would be so much interest I really did not expect. Besides the youtube channel she also has a beauty blog and thats how I discovered the world of Blogging and YouTube. It made me think and I knew that I wanted to do something with it. Either it be a blog, both or the usage of video’s. I wanted to have an online cooking show that was similar to what is being done on 24 kitchen, but then different. I wanted to interact with the people watching the show too. I set up a plan and emailed it to Mascha (from Beautygloss) and she was very enthusiastic.

Why are you so passionate about food?
I am obsessed with eating good food. Ever since I was little, I loved eating olives and feta and baking my own apple pies or white bread rolls. I got to help my mom in the kitchen too and it really started as a hobby. I also work in a restaurant, but never really went to school and learned how to become a chef.

Who thought you how to cook?
I learned the basics from my mom. Gradually I extended my interest and started experimenting more. Nowadays roles have reversed and my mom learns from me hahaha. I also focussed on eating healthier. That started years ago with eating brown rice and limiting sugars. Now I eat very conscious but I don’t punish myself.

Who or what inspires you?
My inspiration comes from everywhere! Cook books, tips from my viewers or even the current season. Everything I make on Foodgloss, I do on request. I come up with my own recipes, but most of the times I look at multiple recipes, compare them and use whatever floats my boat. I always give it my own twist, unless I literally use a recipe of someone else. Then I add the source too.

What are your fave food channels on Youtube?
I really like Laura Vitelli from “Laura in the kitchen”. When I first starting, I got compared to her a lot. Glad that has changes and I have also found my own way of filming and presenting. I am also a big fan of the Jamie Oliver “FoodTube” channel. “Food Wishes” and “Sorted food” are channels I enjoy too.

Most memorable moment in the kitchen?
Oh gosh, there are just too many. Actually they are all moments shared with my BF. When we cook together I enjoy it the most. Hij is a person who gets frustrated pretty fast when something doesn’t go his way, so we have a blast while cooking together.

What is your fave cuisine?
I can’t choose! Seriously, I love so many different cuisines. Lately I am fan of Indian cuisine. Love the spiciness and the way it smells. My faves are “Chicken Korma” served with some “Naan”. I really enjoy a meal like that. I am also fan of the Mexican kitchen: simple but so fresh and full of flavor. Home made salsa, corn and veggies. I absolutely love fajitas! I am also fan of the Greek kitchen and my fave dish is moussaka. Also the combination of feta and honey often used is brilliant! Oh and I shouldn’t forget Maroccon cuisine and then I mean Tajines in specific. Something completely different that I enjoy too is freshly made and good quality Dim Sum! That something that really makes me happy!

Do you have a fave meal?
How in the world can I answer this. Haha, I just told you I have an Indian fase now, but a good chocolate lava cakes also makes me a very happy person! I cooked a Tajine the other day, with some lamb, couscous and veggies on the side. Delish! Mmmmm I think you can wake me up when there is a table full of  food, but then like going on a world tour.

Fave cook book?
“Jamie’s Reizen” from Jamie Oliver and my grandmas old cook books.

What is your fave recipe on Foodgloss? And the most watched?
My favorite is the Chili Con Carne. Full of flavor, but sooo good! The pumpkin soupo, the lava cakes and Gregor’s brownies are also favorites. But the followers are big time fan of Mascha’s strawberry cake. A real treat, but definitely a bomb!

Is there something you cook a lot at home?
Spelt pasta with smoked salmon, some cream, leeks, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. Wraps with vegetables, chicken or minced meat. When the weather gets colder, a good tomato or potato/leeks soup.

If your mom would cook for you, what should she cook?
An oven dish. I really enjoy a dish made with potatoes, minced meat, vegetables and mushrooms!

Sometimes you cook with your followers, but is there someone you would like to cook with too?
JAMIE OLIVER of course! Here in Holland, I would really like to cook with Ramon Beuk. He really knows how to keep it simple when it comes to cooking.

What are your hotspots?
 in Amsterdam, because of their lovely concept. I love to go to Indian restaurant Mayur, also in Amsterdam. Zilte Zoen in Bergen and in Schoorl always a pleasure. In Bergen Fabbrica opened recently. Lots of fresh ingredients, organic and lovely combinations of fish and meat. Cheval Blanc in Heemstede and Mi Sueno, Argentinian meat restaurant in Amsterdam with he sweetest host. Eating there feels like coming home. During the day, I love to eat at Sla in Amsterdam.

What will we always find in your kitchen?
I eat a lot of eggs. Almond milk that I use in my oats. I’ve been eating it for breakfast years now. My favorite combination is with banana and cinnamon. And I always have a jar of Surinamese sambal, fresh fruit, avocado’s and cajun spices at home.

Do you have a bucket list regarding food?
Eating at Ron Blauw, I cannot wait. There are so many cuisines I would like to cook from. I really want to go to Cuba. I know that they don’t have a lot of spices or sauces to add flavor, so I am very curious to know how they make their food taste delicious any ways.

What is your ideal culinary destination and why?
I would love to go to Jamaica, to taste some of their traditional dishes. And Morocco. Cooking with the locals and browsing the markets to discover, smell and taste everything! A country like Sweden is also on my wish list.

Is there something we don’t know about you, but that is really you too ;)?
I really love to dance. I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. It started with classical ballet and over the years I’ve broadend my scope and added more styles. Eventually I started giving dance classes too.

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