It was time to come up with an Asian recipe for the boys from Koken met Aanbiedingen. I decided to make a Spicy burger with all the promotions available this week. Trust me, this burger is perfect to celebrate its Friday or to keep it simple during the weekends or weeknights. If this doesn’t satisfy your burger craving, have a look at my other burger recipes too for a Chipotle burger or a Classic 5 napkin burger.
IMG 9099 1024x675 - Spicy Burger
Recipe for a Spicy burger

~ 4ppl

4 beef burgers – about 150 gr
4 kaiser rolls
8 TBsp Mayonaise
8 tsp Sri Racha saus
1 Spring onion – green part only
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds
Handfull Lettuce 

In a bowl, make a sauce combining the mayonaise and sri racha sauce.

Cut the green part of the spring onions.
Grill hamburgers according to the packaging.
In the mean time spoon some sauce on the bottom of the kaiser rolls and place some of the lettuce on top.
Now add the beef burgers and spoon some more sauce on top of the burger.
Add the spring onions and some of the roasted sesame seeds on top.
Now finish off with the kaiser rolls on top.

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