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While were having a cup of tea and chatted away for hours, we suddenly came up with a wonderful idea: we wanted to organise something fun together. Getting food bloggers together, cooking together, making lots of food pictures, eating and of course have enough time to talk to each other. Just because we all love to cook and its fun to do together and because its “gezellig” (best translated as jolly good old fun) and we can learn from each other!

So Diane from Cuisine de Clementine and myself decided to reach out to other foodies and see who wanted to join in on the fun. Last sunday it was finally time to get together and we had so much fun with 10 other foodies. We gathered in the cooking studio of Keizer Culinair in Amsterdam. The day went by in a blink of an eye and my tummy was very satisfied. All dishes made were a feast to the eye and even though its not christmas yet, it sure felt like we were having a festive meal.

To keep it simple, we had come up with some dishes and on the day it self, we did the last bit of groceries. Smooth planning if I may say so myself. To give you guys an idea, this was the menu we came up with:
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We made little cards and had everybody draw one to get paired up and be responsible for a dish. It was so much fun seeing how everybody gave their own twist to a dish, so the menu we initially came up with was very loosely followed up. It gave some direction and thats exactly what we anticipated on. We are still foodies, so thinking outside the box is what we like to do. Take a look here on Instagram to see more pictures made with the hashtag #foodieskokensamen. 
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Parmigiana foodies koken samen
 ravioli salsiccia
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It was so much fun organizing and on the day it self we couldn’t wish for a better outcome, that it sure made us long for more. At the moment we are thinking summer! For now I leave you with the recipe for Sinterklaas Tiramisu I made together with the lovely Marlieke from Cotton and Cream.
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Recipe for Sinterklaas Tiramisu
~12 ramekins
80 gr pepper nuts – whole 

70 gr pepper nuts – smashed
24 pepper nuts – to decorate
1 cup of strong coffee 
5 TBsp of sugar
5 egg yolks
4 TBsp Amaretto
500 gr Mascarpone
5 x egg white
Cocoa powder
Layer whole pepper nuts on the bottom of the ramekins.
Fill up the “wholes” with the smashed pepper nuts.
Drizzle coffee and be sure to drizzle all the pepper nuts.
Whisk up the egg whites till they are stiff and fluffy.
In another bowl, whisk up egg yolks, sugar, mascarpone and amaretto until you get a smooth mixture.
Gently scoop in egg whites until mixed in to a smooth mixture.
Divide the “amaretto mascarpone” evenly over the ramekins filled up with pepper nuts.
Shake each ramekin to get an even amount of mascarpone everywhere. 
Use a sif and dust with cocoa powder.
Decorate with some of the pepper nuts.

If your planning on making one big bowl, you can make more layers.

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