To celebrate my new likers on FB and to commit to my word saying I would post an easy recipe every now and than, I am sharing an easy recipe with you guys. Happy cooking on this Sunday.

Pasta with creamy spinach
Penne with a creamy spinach sauce

For 2 people

200 gr Penne
Boursain – 32 gr (or cream cheese with herbs)
4 cubes of “spinazie” a la creme straight from the freezer (creamy spinach)
Cooking cream
Handful of pine nuts
Parmigiano cheese – grated

Boil your water with a pinch of salt.
When boiling add your pasta with enough water, al dente.
In the mean time, in another pan add your spinach until softened and cooked.
Now you add in your Boursain or cream cheese of liking (herbs would work fine) and stir until you get a nice creamy sauce.
You can add some cooking cream to your liking. (Max 2 TBsp.)
Roast your pine nuts golden brown and set aside.
When your pasta is done, you add it to the sauce and mix everything well.
Finally serve on a plate with some Parmesan cheese and sprinkle the pine nuts on top.