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It took a little bit of patience to book a table at Rijsel, but finally the day came to have diner there. We were one of the first guests to arrive at 18hr, but slowly but surely the restaurant was completely full by 18h30. 

Being welcomed with some salami and fresh baked bread was a good start. The menu was a bit unclear, so we asked the waitress for some advice and chose the brandade and fish soup as entrees. The brandade was a very nice surprise and I couldn’t get enough of it. Heavenly creamy cripsy crusted coated fish cream. Oh la la, need I say more. We had roasted chicken (one of their signature dishes) and fish as mains. The roasted chicken, nice and soft on the inside with a slight crispy outside from being grilled. The BF had the fish. It had that nice crispy skin and super soft flaky meat accompanied by a nice beure blanc. The mains were accompanied by a wonderful salad and some very special potatoes served with home made mayonaise. By the time we were choosing our desert our tummies were so full that we decided to share a desert. We took the croustillant (although I think it is called Pastis Gasconne), a nice apple filo dough desert accompanied by a scoop of vanilla rosemary ice cream. Delish!

Why did I like this place so much, super nice ambiance, great food and superb service. Then again, nothing beats having your own experience. Go and find out yourself and let me know.

Rijsel Rotiserie
Marcusstraat 52B, 1091TK Amsterdam
T: 020 463 21 42