As mentioned on Social Media earlier this week, I attended the Margriet Winter fair where you guys could find me at the Pop up restaurant from Tefal. We flipped some burgers with the Tefal Optigrill. At the end of my report I share with you a recipe for my pefect TefalGoesUSA Chipotle burger.

Ever since I got the Tefal Optigrill, I’ve been using it on a daily basis ever since. Either it be a simple grilled sandwich, toasted bread, burgers or even some sausages. It just does the trick every time. Such a handy unit to have in your kitchen. I wrote about the Optigrill and my experiences in this blogpost.

Yesterday it was d day and I had so much fun. In all honesty I’d never been to the Margriet Winter Fair, so did not know what to expect. When I was asked if I wanted to come and grill some burgers with the Tefal Optigrill, I got enthusiastic right away. You guys know by now that I am a mayor burger fan right? If not, read my post here about the 5 Napkin Classic burger + recipe and here about my beef chief Simon! Besides the fact that I am a burger fan, I was very curious. This Fair gets about 70.000 visitors and I couldn’t wait to see who these people are. So off I went to the Jaarbeurs!

The theme at the stand was Tefal Goes USA, so all the burgers had a bit of an American twist. This week they had an Indian burger with aubergine and piri piri sauce, a caribbean burger with pineapple and bbq jerk sauce and yesterday my burger was up next: an Italian burger with zucchini, tomato and ketchup.

I had a great day and talked to so many enthusiastic people. I also made some pictures to show you guys. Don’t you think the Tefal stand and the diner looked amazing!tefal goes usachef claudiomooi burgertjesItalian burger proevensamen met foodie foodlessproeven bij tefalgoesusa
proever nr 2 culinessa
f course I wanted to give the theme Tefal Goes USA a Culinessa look and feel, so I made this delicious Chipotle burger with avocado, smokey bacon and a kick ass chipotle ketchup. It’s so simple to grill this burger with the OptiGrill, seriously. You only need to push the hamburger button and your good to go.IMG_2332 - Version 2

Recipe for the Chipotle Burger

~ serves 4

– 800 gr hamburger meat (beef and pork mixed)
– 1 Avocado
– 1/2 Lime – juice
– 8 strips smokey Bacon
– Salt and pepper
– 8 TBsp Heinz Ketchup
– 8 tsp Chipotle Tabasco
– 4 Hamburger buns
– 1/4 Red cabbage

Season your meat and divide in to 4 equal portions and turn them in to hamburger patties. Be sure your meat is at room temperature.
Heat up the Optigrill and put your patties on the grill till they’ve reached your desired stage (rare, medium or well done).
In the mean time prepare the bacon and set aside.
Make avocado mash and add some lime juice.
In a bowl, mix up the Heinz ketchup with the Chipotle Tabasco. Taste it and season according to your taste.
Cut up your cabbage in to fine strips. Blanch and drain and set aside.
Grill your hamburger buns and add some sauce, the patty, bacon, avocado mousse, cabbage and some extra chipotle ketchup on top.

Bon Ap! Perfect dude food if you ask me…

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