I’ve been a little salad obsessed lately and get ready for more, cause I’ve just received a new cookbook from the notorious SLA in Amsterdam. This is a very popular salad bar and after merely 2 years of being in business they’ve launched a cookbook. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

Ok, so back to the salad I am sharing today. Its been pretty damn hot these days and I recently joined in on a Food Prepping challenge. It made me do all this wonderful cutting and prepping, almost feeling Marie Kondo like. Nicely chopped veggies, stacked in even nicer storage boxes from LocknLock.nl

On the last day I still had some prepped watermelon left and after the mini had snacked from it, I still had loads left. Having pregnancy diabetes at the moment, I can’t have more than a little slice, but still it was perfect to cook up a nice salad with it. 

So here you have it, my version of a refreshing watermelon salad. We had some with grilled chicken fillet and fresh baguette served next to the salad. 
frisse watermeloen salade

Recipe for refreshing watermelon salad


400 gr water melon (deseeded and peeled)
1 small red onion
Half a pack of feta cheese
Olive oil extra virgine
2 sprigs of mint leafs – leafs
Ground black pepper

Be sure to cut up your watermelon in the same size cubes.

Finely slice your onions.
Chop up the mint leafs.
Crumble the feta.
In a salad bowl, add in watermelon, onion rings, mint, feta and drizzle some
olive oil on top.
Last grind some black pepper on top.

Bon ap!

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