I can almost smell and taste it; spring is about to hit my town. As mentioned before, I love spring, I love daylight and I love the fruits and veggies that come with spring time. Your mood gets lifted, outdoor life starts again and its the perfect time to just enjoy home!

In the supermarket they are slowly bringing in seasonal fruits like raspberries, strawberries and I love it. As I recently have the pleasure to review a slow juicer, the Tefal Infinypress slow juicer (I will tell you more later on), it has gotten me experimenting and spoiling the BF and the mini with all sorts of smoothies. This raspberry swirl is just one of them. Hope you’ll like it!

Now how to make this delicious Raspberry Swirl?
AH lente 1024x1024 - Raspberry Swirl smoothie

Recipe for Raspberry Swirl
~ 2 ppl

1 Apple
1 Pear
Handfull of Raspberries
4 TBsp Yoghurt

Puree the apple, pear and raspberries in a slow juicer and add the yoghurt and mix wel. Your good to go and enjoy!

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