The Albert Heijn has a new theme this month, Dutch Classics. I already made a Boerenkool stamppot with an Indonesian meat ball the other day. A Dutch classic, with a twist, but you already saw that, right 😉

Today I share with you a recipe for Poached pears. Its funny, but these poached pears are made without using alcohol, so kids friendly. My mini loves it, at least thats what we discovered last year. She probably doesn’t remember anymore, but I sure do. I felt a little guilty after my 2 year old ate a whole poached pear that was made using alcohol. I know, after cooking for so long, the alcohol has evaporated, but still a no go for this year. That’s why I love this recipe!

We eat it as dessert quite a lot, served with some whipped cream and mascarpone with lemon zest. Its also good if you serve it next to vanilla ice cream. I also read that you can serve it with a stamppot in stead of Apple sauce. stoofpeertjes culinessa

Recipe for Poached pears

6 pears for poaching – peeled
1 cinnamon stick
75 gr cane sugar
250 ml red berry juice
100 ml water

Peel the pears. For a cool effect, leave them whole. If not desired, remove the core and cut in to smaller pieces.
Put them in a pan.
Add in the cinnamon stick, sugar, berry juice and water.
Bring to boil and let it simmer for about 60 minutes.
If you decide to keep the pears whole, you need to turn them every 10 minutes, so they’ll get color and taste evenly.

If you want to make them too, its really easy, the Albert Heijn sells a complete package hat contains all necessary ingredients. The Dutch Classics themed products are available till October 26.

I am working on a recipe where you use the poached pears, so stay tuned!


stoofpeertjes culinessa 2

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