I had an appointment in the same building as &Samhoudplaces Streetfood is situated and I came in early so I was staring at the menu and one of the managers came out and asked me if I was waiting for someone or if she could help me. I just laughed and expained the situation and hoped to have lunch there later on depending on the length of my appointment. Guess what? It took about 2 hours so yes after that it was time for lunch! I knew I would be having the famous Tomeato (a burger patty made from yep tomatos)! I also saw an ice tea on the menu and when I asked the waitress she said it was something different. So she got my attention there. It was an ice tea inspired on a trip to I think ….Marrakech but just can’t remember. Nevertheless I want to share with you my version of this unique ice tea. Its very refreshing not too sweet and leaves a nice tingly feeling behind! Enjoy!

IMG 8257 e1402323710172 1024x1024 - Perfectly ice cold mint green tea

Recipe for Marrakech Mint Ice Tea

1 TBsp of Japanese Green tea
1 Tbsp of Mint tea (I used Marrakech Mint from de Teabar)
2 TBsp of Brown Sugar
Handful of Fresh mint leaves

Boil water and combine with the green tea, mint tea and brown sugar. Taste it and add more sugar if needed.
Depending on how strong you like your tea you let it sit. I use a colander to get rid of the loose tea.
Refrigerate till chilled.
Before serving add the mint leaves.
You can also add in some ice cubes to serve ice cold.

IMG 8258 e1402323721188 1024x1024 - Perfectly ice cold mint green tea

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