Perfect weather for Coleslaw don’t you think?

So whenever the weather turns tropical, I think BBQ instantly. As we live in Holland there is not a lot of hot weather going on so the moment the sun comes out and the tropical temperatures are here, I want to BBQ or eat burgers ;). A coleslaw is the least I can do to make it a bbq fiesta. I am having a mayo phase, yes I know, can’t help it. Sorry! Its all the fault of that Hellmanns event where I got 3 jars of mayonnaise to take home. Hahahahah

I love to have this salad with bbq’s, with burgers (I will share the recipe for the 5 Napkin Burger in another blogpost) and fries, but also when having some real soul food like mac and cheese or fried chicken, corn bread; basically with everything, haha!

culinessa cole slaw

Recipe for Culinessa’s Coleslaw ~ 4 ppl

300 gr cabbage finely chopped
100 gr carrots grated
Hand full of raisins, soaked and then cut up in half
8 TBsp of Mayo
2 TBsp of icing sugar
4 TBsp of vinegar
Season with salt and pepper

Start by soaking your raisins in hot water and after 10 minutes cut them up and drain them. Set aside.
Cut the cabbage as fine as you like.
I just grate my carrots as its the easiest way in my opinion.
In a whisking bowl add mayonnaise, vinegar, sugar and season with salt and pepper until you have a smooth dressing.
Now its time to add in your cabbage, carrots and raisins and mix everything well.
Refrigerate and serve cold!

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