While in London last month [read my post here], of course I had a little shopping spree at Wholefoods and there I spotted these amazing mints from Peppersmith. I bought all of them, including the chewing gum and the moment I landed and the BF got hand on one of them they were gone. So that meant looking for Peppersmith in NL and Yeah I’ve found them so thats why I am sharing this little news with you guys!

Peppersmith mints come in 3 flavors:
– Peppermint
– Lemon & peppermint
– Eucalyptus & peppermint
My absolute favorite is the Lemon & Peppermint one; made with Sicilian lemons: so nice and subtle but deff a minty boost to keep you fresh. What I also like is that the products are not made with artificial flavoring, coloring nor aspartame. They use xylitol and therefore approved by the International Dental Foundation. 

You can buy these little gems at the Jumbo, STACH, the Coffee company or even at EkoPlaza

The little boxes are a feast to your eyes, don’t you think?

Peppersmith culinessa

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