As my babygirl is allergic to egg. Yes you read it right, no egg for her, we have to be very creative. On top of that, she is quite a picky eater. I was asking her if she wanted to help me make something for lunch and she was super exited. I then had to be quick so thought, making her pancakes without eggs would be easy. Don’t mind the fact that I can’t make the traditional nice and thin Dutch pancakes you get here in a restaurant. So I thought, how can I make my life easier and make sure the pancakes will get on to our plates. Edible.

So I decided to make my life easier and get the best round version of pancakes I could get by using a taraa cooking ring.


500 ml of milk
200 gr of Wheat flour
8 gr of baking powder ( I used dr Oetker, backin)

Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl and start with the flower, then the milk and at last the baking powder.
In a pan, add your cooking ring. I used a cooking ring with about 9 cm diameter.
Drop some oil in the ring and pour in some pancake batter and fry your pancakes golden brown on both sides.

Serve with maple syrup. I even added a little bit of whipped cream.

PS she loved them.