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A Pop up restaurant situated in one of the old newspaper buildings in Amsterdam. Entering this spot, I was impressed […]

Talking 2 Melissa Senduk

Age: 29 years Profession: Entrepreneur, specializing in Fashion & Accessories Website: spot: Eye Restaurant Fave meal: Chirasi Don Fave […]

Talking 2 Hidde de Vries

Age: 34 Profession: Online Consultancy , entrepreneur website: www.stressdetox.netHot Spot: Good Tepanyaki restaurants, like Fave meal: Depends on the day, Fave […]


Love this place, not only for the nice coffee, cake and sandwiches, but also because they have the best playing […]


Like I mentioned before, every once in a while, you get to experience something special. You enter a little restaurant, […]

Talking 2 Merrel Westhoff

Picture taken by Age: 30 Profession: metal smith website: www.monocrafft.comHot Spot: Ulu’s, Uluwatu , Bali Fave meal: Freshly made fish cakes […]

Viet Food Fest

Mel is the designer behind MondayMarch and Dru a creative master behind MyGulling and Printerous. Together they manage Superfoodshoppen. They have […]

Dinner dates

Most of the times we have friends and family coming over to eat..most of the times we cook and they […]

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