Last week I attended a very early breakfast. Together with some other foodbloggers we got invited to come and taste some of the notorious omelettes at Omelegg. Do you guys know this spot already?

Omelegg is the first Omelettery in the Netherlands. Brothers Nima and Faraz Ghorbani decided while on a road trip to Poland and a lot of brainstorming along the way that they wanted to open up a business together. This became Omelegg! Lucky us! When you walkt into this place, you get the feeling that your on ski holiday, as they’ve used a lot of wood. Really gives the place something special. Later on we heard that their dad basically did everything in the restaurant. Because he had some wood left, there is a major artwork hanging near the big table. Funny huh? IMG 5551 e1412105829990 1024x1024 - Omelegg for breakfast
Even though it might seem simple to make an omelette, that is not the case. Fortunately at Omelegg they do know what they are doing. Perfectly runny inside and nice and firm on the outside. No dry pancake incidents happening here. Not allowed! Favorites during our breakfast were the Salmon and the Farm Boy (an omelette with bacon, chipolata sausages, salami, broccoli, onion, farm cheese, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, paprika, thyme and rosemary). The guests love the Chili Hernandez too (chili con carne and farmer cheese). The brothers are fan of the Spicy Mariachi (Jalapenos, paprika, onions, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and coriander), the Omelette made with dates and the Popeye Spinach. For me this early, a simple omelette would do. On the other hand, after clubbing and on the weekends one of the fave’s would do just fine thank you!
IMG 5568 e1412105865906 1024x1024 - Omelegg for breakfast
We got to come up with our own perfect omelette combi and I pitched my dads omelette.  Who knows if my omelette will be the week special. Kae from FoodNerdz made a very creative recipe: IMG 6009 e1412106081919 1024x1024 - Omelegg for breakfastIMG 6006 e1412106133790 1024x1024 - Omelegg for breakfast
What I really like is that they are open from 7 am onwards. Thats why you’ll see lots of business people having breakfast before going to a seminar, convention or even have a meeting on the spot. Even though you can’t reserve, service is fast enough to wait.IMG 6007 e1412106123705 1024x1024 - Omelegg for breakfastOmelegg
Ferdinand Bolstraat 143

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