Gosh, I don’t even know where to start, but if I have to I still agree with Pascale Naessens who believes that eating Pure food makes you happy. Eating good food not only makes me happy, it brings me so many good things. Sharing it with lovely people around me and seeing how everyone is simply enjoying. When I think of a breakfast that brings happiness to my life it is definitely this one: A Nutty banana yoghurt breakfast. I tasted a similar breakfast for the first time at the Bagels & Beans where they serve one of my other faves a kick ass Soy Macha Latte. Seriously there is no better one out there (if you think there is, dare me!)

What I am sharing with you guys today is actually not even a recipe, but I’ve done my best to write one down for you guys. Feel free to adapt wherever you think would suite your taste better! My recipe is slightly different then the one at Bagels & Beans, because I use the Jan Gotje caramelised pecan nuts.
Nootgevalletje Culinessa

Recipe for a Nutty banana yoghurt breakfast

~serves 1
1 banana
Maple Syrup
Caramelized pecan nuts Jan Gotje
[Optional: sunflower seeds]

Take a long drink glass and start cutting up your banana in slices.

Place the banana slices on the bottom of the glass.
Add about 1 TBs of Maple syrup.
Drizzle some yoghurt on top to cover your banana slices.
Take about 5 pecan nuts and crush them a little and sprinkle on top.
Last but not least, add a dash of cinnamon.
Taste and add more maple syrup if your more of a sweet tooth.

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